Aguadilla Puerto Rico
Tropical Jewel of the Northwest

Behind the Church we've worked and stayed at in Aguadilla.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico is one of the prettiest places on the island. Since I lived there for ten years, and have traveled extensively, I speak from experience.

There are several things Dennis and I particularly enjoy about this town. Probably the first and foremost is that there is less traffic there, than in many other parts of the island.

I don't want to be misleading, it still has its traffic jams, but they just aren't as lengthy, or as complicated, as those you encounter in San Juan, Mayaguez, or Ponce.

Another thing we find enjoyable is the weather. Most of the town, or at least where we've usually frequented, sits on fairly level land, but it is hundreds of feet above sea level, so you can usually count on lovely breezes and less heat than many other parts of the island.

Additionally, there seem to be far fewer showers than in Mayaguez, although they still have enough to keep everything green and beautiful.

We also enjoy the highway system that connects the town to the rest of the island. If you want to go to San Juan, Mayaguez, or Ponce, the major highway that will take you there is just a few miles away. So it has many of the advantages of the larger cities, without the same level of overcrowding you experience in them.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico -
Location and History

Although the city of Aguadilla is on the waterfront, much of the living takes place on the hills behind it, where the earlier picture was taken.

Aguadilla is located on the very northwest tip of the island with the Atlantic Ocean to the north, and the passage between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to the west. While much of the living area is a few hundred feet above sea level, the downtown area is located right on the edge of a beautiful bay.

Although it doesn't have the level of shopping found in the major cities, it is less than a half hour away from Mayaguez to the south and Isabella to the east. Between those two places you can usually find any shopping you'd like.

One of the major interesting historical facts is that it used to be home to the Ramey Air Force Base. Although the base has been closed for years now, Aguadilla Puerto Rico has the second largest airport on the island as a result, the Rafael Hernandez International Airport.

We've flown in there once when visiting, and we'd like to be able to do so every time, but much higher airfares, and inconvenient flight times, have kept us from being able to use it regularly.

Another interesting historical tidbit I picked up from research, is that the island's worst train accident happened on the outskirts of the town, on election day in 1944. The accident happened in the wee hours of the morning and caused the death of 16 people with over fifty injured. There probably aren't any citizens living that remember it now, but it was a major tragedy at the time.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico -
Advantages and Attractions

Wilderness is one of the many beautiful beaches found in Aguadilla.

Aguadilla has many beautiful beaches nearby. Five are listed as good surfing beaches by Wikipedia. They are Surfer's Beach, Table Tops, Gas Chamber, Las Ruinas, and Survival.

In addition there are several others such as Crashboat, known for its crystal clear water. Crash boat beach in Aguadilla has crystal clear water.

We've visited several, but we haven't yet seen them all.

The area is also known for the Caribbean's largest water park, Las Cascadas, and its only ice skating Arena.

Additionally, Aguadilla has many lovely hotels, although we've not stayed in any, since the churches we work in always provide our lodging.

There's nothing we find more relaxing than watching the sunset while we enjoy a lovely meal at the restaurant in Cielo y Mar Hotel. Our favorite spot in Aguadilla Puerto Rico
But our favorite restaurant on the island is in the Cielo y Mar hotel in Aguadilla. It is located on the bluffs above the water, providing a spectacular view at sunset, as you can see from the picture to the left.

We try to visit one or more times every time we come to Puerto Rico. It is one of the few things we do to relax. it is always a truly relaxing and enjoyable evening.

In all there are more than forty different accommodations in the area, with at least 8 major hotels. So there should be options to fit any budget.

Iglesia Bautista Berea is a good Bible Believing Church. Our work there is the reason we've come to love Aguadilla.Finally, there is a good Bible Believing church in Aguadilla, the Iglesia Bautista Berea, translated in English as the Berean Baptist Church.

They alternate services between Spanish and English, so most can enjoy a church service in their native language. Sunday mornings and Wednesdays are in Spanish, while Sunday evening services are in English.

They are responsible for much of our knowledge of the city. I originally worked with them in 1989 for about nine months before marrying Dennis, and we have spent several weeks on our short term missions trips taking care of some much needed updating to their church building's electrical facilities.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico -
The People

We find the people of Aguadilla very friendly and courteous. Of course, most are Spanish speakers, but not all by any means.

There is probably a higher percentage of English speakers in Aguadilla than any place else on the island, outside of the San Juan metropolitan area.

For me that isn't an issue, but it is certainly something that makes a good impression on Dennis. If we were ever to decide to relocate to the island, settling in Aguadilla would be a very high possibility.

If you need to move to Puerto Rico, or simply want to vacation in the tropics during the cold winter months, we think Aguadilla has a lot to offer.

Aguadilla Puerto Rico -

Aguadilla is an interesting mix of Puerto Rican and American cultures. You can find plenty to do for an interesting vacation, but if you're considering a move to the tropics, don't rule out Aguadilla without experiencing it for yourself.

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