Dennis Thompson -
Reluctant Autobiographer

Dennis Thompson - Reluctant Autobiographer

My name is Dennis Thompson.

Sherilyn and I started our website so we could share the experiences of our mission trips with all our family and friends.

Sherilyn seems to think that it would be a good idea for me to share with you a little about myself.

I have been a little hesitant to do this, because I am not very comfortable writing about myself. But I'm even more uncomfortable letting someone else do it, so here I am, writing.

Dennis Thompson's Family and Childhood Experiences

I was born December 30th, 1946. I was the second of five brothers. I have no sisters. As a child I was probably what would be labeled today, as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactive disorder). If I were a child today, they would probably want to put me on some kind of drug. But back then, thankfully, that didn't happen.

Thanks to a great mother and father, I was able to overcome those problems after many years of struggling, training, and discipline from them.

1965 - Important Year for Dennis Thompson!

The year 1965 truly was a pivotal year in my life. I came from a non-Christian home, and although I was blessed with very loving and supportive parents, when I got saved on Easter Sunday morning, they did not.

I was dating my first wife at the time, and we went forward to accept Jesus Christ as our savior together.

We graduated from High School in May of '65. We were engaged to be married in June. In July we were baptized. In August I started my apprenticeship as an electrician. In November we were married.

First Marriage and Family of Dennis Thompson

Paula and I were married for thirty-two years until December 23, 1997, when the Lord took her home after a four and a half year battle with cancer.

She left me with three grown sons and one adopted daughter, eight grandchildren, and a life-time of great memories.

Stage Two in Dennis Thompson's Life

Two years later, in 1999, Sherilyn and I were married. Sherilyn and I were not strangers. I had known her for twenty-five years. She was one of Paula's best friends, and her Dad was my Pastor for all that time.

I will be the first to admit I never expected to marry again, but the Lord leads in strange ways sometimes. I am also sure Sherilyn would say the same thing.

Sherilyn had gone back to the mission field in 1998 and had thought she would be there the rest of her life. Little did she know, that nine months later we would be married.

Our Marriage was a Happy Occasion

God Changes Dennis Thompson's original plans

Our original plans were to live in the States until I retired in three years, at the age of fifty-five. We thought I would be able to retire then, but my union only dropped my retirement age to sixty instead of fifty-five.

We had planned to be self supporting, short-term missionaries, after I retired. That way, we could go anywhere God opened up a door for us to serve.

With my forty years of experience in electrical construction, and Sherilyn's ability to speak Spanish fluently with a mission background, we hoped we could be of service.

The Lord continued to intervene in our lives and change those plans. Three years after we married in 2003, Sherilyn was diagnosed with cancer. The course of treatment lasted close to a year.

Dennis Spent Almost 9 Months in Recliner before His Health Improved!

Then when I was fifty-eight, I was forced to retire on disability. I had been walking bone on bone in both knees for about six years. Three discs in my back were gone because of degenerative disc disease.

I had worked six years longer than the doctors thought I could. God was good, but my time had run out. I was finally left with no other options.

In October of 2005, I had the first knee replacement surgery done, and in December the second knee was replaced.

After the second operation, I came down with shingles on the left side of my head. The shingles were in the optic nerve of my left eye. The pain was incredible. It took me about nine months to recover, and only then after Sherilyn found a natural supplement that has helped me greatly.

My health is still a real problem. Although I am better now then when I retired, I still have limitations as to what I am able to do, and for how long.

The Lord Continues to Bless Dennis Thompson

The Lord has really blessed me, and although we are limited in what we can do physically and financially, we still are able to make a difference as the Lord opens doors for us to serve. We enjoy Serving the Lord

Sherilyn and I love the challenges that we face as we continue to serve. Obstacles are always before us as we prepare to go, while we are in the work, and when we come home.

Satan is always busy working to oppose our work, and to try to discourage us from doing it.

We could write several pages on the trials we go through as we prepare, go, and return from the field. There will always be major obstacles Satan uses to discourage and stop us from doing God's will.

However, God always enables us to overcome. That is why the trials are worth sharing because God always provides the grace and strength to overcome and continue to do His will. I trust as you've read about how He has worked in my life, He will be glorified.

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