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This EMT site Map is provided to help you find anything you may be looking for on this site. If you can't find it here, we probably haven't written about it yet. If you're interested in a specific topic, do let us know since we'd like to be of help and encouragement to you.

We'll likely be splitting EMT site map into two pages in the near future for ease of use if you're searching for something, but for now, I trust the headlines will help you find what you're looking for.

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Home Page and Blog

Electrifying Mission Trips - Our Experiences in Missions
If you'd like to know who we are and what this site is all about, explore this page first.

Electrifying Mission Trips Blog
Keep up with our latest electrifying mission trips as well as the latest news about our lives and the site with this handy blog.

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General Missionary Information

Missionary Quotes, Vision, and Worldview
Missionary Quotes are fascinating to read and think about. They reveal how missionaries think. If you've ever wondered, you should explore this page.

College Mission Trips, College Student Mission Trips, Puerto Rico
Learn more about college mission trips, my experience with one, and how Puerto Rico came to be an important part of my life.

Missionary Calling, God's Calling, Finding God's Will
Missionary calling...What's that you may ask? Read this page to hear my own experiences with a missionary calling, and how it affected my life.

What is a Missionary? What does a Missionary do?
What is a Missionary? That's an important question, as is another, What does a missionary do ? Explore this page for a discussion of these questions and possibly some surprising answers.

Missionary Jobs, Christian Jobs, Missionary Aviation Jobs
Missionary Jobs are plentiful, but most missionary positions aren't jobs in the normal sense of the word. To discover why and find out if there are exceptions, explore this page.

Fund Raising for Mission Trips
Fund raising for mission trips can be a controversial topic. Find out why, and why it can be one of the best ways to know God wants you going on a mission trip.

Planning a Christian Mission Trip, Mission Trip Planning, Plan a Mission Trip
Planning a Christian Mission Trip requires hard work, sometimes. Other times a trip may seem to happen without planning. But even if you don't plan, Someone had everything planned out. Discover Who, and what He expects of you.

Opportunities for Participation
There are opportunities for participation. Find out about the supplies needed in Mayaguez to complete the electrical project and the new building. See if there is anything you might do to help.

Mission Trip Advantages
What are Mission Trip Advantages? The benefits of traveling on mission trips that you'd never get from simple tourist travel. We want to share His blessings with you.

Mission Trip Trials
If you think traveling on Mission Trips is all fun and games, you need to read about Mission Trip Trials to get a balanced view of things.

Women Missionaries, Missionary Wife, Single Missionary
Women missionaries have usually made up more than half the mission workforce. Discover who they are, their motivations and accomplishments, as well as my personal experiences by reading this page.

Christian Bootcamp, Enduring Hardness as Christian Soldiers
Christian Bootcamp is a term used to describe a program for troubled young men. But I'd like to propose another perspective. Explore this page to ponder why every Christian may be in basic training now, and how we can graduate with honors.

Help Haiti, Haitian Relief, How to Help Haiti
Help Haiti! If you've been watching or listening to the news since the haitian earthquake, you've undoubtedly been thinking somebody needs to help those people. Explore this page to learn how.

Missionary Resource Center, Missionary Resources
A missionary resource center on the web provides links to other resource sites and directories, as well as good mission sending agencies. Dive in to discover resources you may have been unaware of.

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Current Events

Dealing with Change, Waiting on God, Simply Trusting
Dealing with change is one of many challenges in modern life. Mission work makes it even more the norm. Explore this page for the latest changes in our lives.

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Find Out Why we Started Electrifying Mission Trips and Who we Are

Dennis Thompson
Read how Dennis Thompson came to write this page and this web site. Learn more about his life.

About Sherilyn
If you're not acquainted with Sherilyn, this is her story. Find out how she came to know and love the Lord, and her first steps toward mission trips.

About Sherilyn - High School and College
If you're interested in knowing what happened to Sherilyn during High School and College, read this page.

EMT Site Map -Trip Pages

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Ecuadorian Trips

Ecuadorian Mission Trips
If you're wondering about why we took Ecuadorian Mission trips, this page will answer that question. It will also give specifics of where we went and what was accomplished.

  • Quito Trip in October 2008
    Learn about our Quito Trip in October 2008. Hear where we went, what was accomplished, and some of what we learned.

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Puerto Rican Trips

Puerto Rican Mission Trips
Puerto Rican Mission Trips Have Played a Pivotal Role in our lives. To discover why, read this page.

  • Fall 2011 Trip Recap, September-November 2011, Mayaguez Puerto Rico
    Our fall 2011 trip recap covers all the important details about our latest short term mission trip to Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Explore it to find out if we can say mission accomplished.

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    E-Zine Prayer Letters

    Tales of Thompsons' Trips
    If you'd like the latest information, sign up for Tales of Thompsons' Trips, our free e-zine prayer letter here.

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    General Business Pages

    Privacy Policy
    Read this page to understand how we protect your privacy, and how we might use any personal information you choose to share with us.

    This disclaimer is necessary for legalities and is provided for your understanding and information.

    EMT Site Map
    The EMT site map gives an overview of the pages on this site. If you're wondering whether we've covered a topic, or remember reading something here you want to review, this is the page to explore.

    If you should discover any errors, or broken links on the EMT site map, please contact us and let us know, so we can fix them. I hope you'll find this EMT Site Map useful, but if you can think of ways to make it more useful, please be in touch as well.

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