Ecuadorian Mission Trips

Why Ecuador?

"Why would you want to take Ecuadorian Mission trips?" I was asked a few months ago. My answers were the same reasons I would want to go any where else the Lord led.

My first response was...

  1. That's where they need my abilities...

    But as I thought a minute, that was only a small part of it. In addition...

  2. I have prayed for Lynford and Sharon Regier for close to fifteen years now, and maybe even a little longer. In all that time I had never seen their work, In fact, I had only seen them once in all that time, and that was while they was home on furlough for one evening.

    The equator crosses the mountains in the background. This is the tourist site!

  3. It was also good to show the members of their church that we are interested in them and their needs.
  4. It is good to see other cultures and the way they live, as well as the places where they live. I must admit I had a truly eye opening experience living in the home of one of the church members on these Ecuadorian mission trips.
  5. Most missionaries are glad to have people come visit them. It does several things that are beneficial. You form a stronger bond with them. You get to know them better, so it is easier to pray for them.

There are many other reasons as well, but let me share the most important...

Do you believe in Miracles?

This Ecuadorian Mission Trip was the trip that almost didn't happen. For all the details read the page Sherilyn wrote about Fund Raising For Mission Trips. The biggest reason we wanted to go to Ecuador is that we knew God wanted us there. He miraculously provided the money for us to go. We share the details on that page.

Was my help needed?

Every country has their own electrical workers.

I spoke of the need for my help earlier, and in some small way that is true, but I realize that Quito is a city of two million people, and I noticed that as we flew into the city and over the country that there were lights on everywhere. So my expertise may not be all that necessary after all.

In fact, after being there ten days, and considering the amount of money it cost, I asked Lynford if it wouldn't be more cost efficient to just send him the money and let him hire the work done.

But then I realized, as I thought more about it, that when we come we bring with us more then our talents. We bring a connection to home, and the encouragement of Christian fellowship. We are like reinforcements arriving on a battlefield. Although in ourselves we are nothing, as we go in the Lord's will, our arrival and willingness to help are an encouragement.

When was our first Ecuadorian Mission Trip?

Our first trip to Ecuador was October 3-10, 2008. Although it was only ten days, our team of six did manage to get quite a bit accomplished. If you'd like all the details please visit the Quito Trip in October 2008 page. We also have a slide show of our trip on that page. Ecuador is a beautiful country so I'm sure you'll want to make the time to explore that page in depth.

Looking Forward

We trust, in God's plan and will, that as there have been several trips to Puerto Rico, so there may be several to Ecuador as well.

We know that the building we worked on in October is only the first stage of five that are planned, and that is only one church of several there in Quito.

Although it is more expensive to travel to Ecuador, when the Lord wants us working there we trust He will provide the funds.

We would also be open to the possibility of helping others there as the Lord opens the door.

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