Pictures of Fall 2009 Trip to Puerto Rico

We hope you enjoyed the slide show of our fall 2009 trip. But there was much more to the trip then what you can see in the pictures, so if you'd like more information, read on...

Please ignore the date stamped on the pictures. We didn't realize that we had to reset it on the camera after recharging the battery, so all of the dates are off by several years.

Fall 2009 Trip

Our fall 2009 Trip to Puerto Rico started on the fifteenth of October, but instead of driving straight to Florida we headed for South Carolina first. We spent a week there with Sherilyn's sister and many of her friends who live in the Greenville area.

We were also able to visit with Pastor Gary Sprunger, the assistant director of the Carribean who had asked us to make the trip.

He doesn't live in Greenville, but he was in town for missions emphasis week at Bob Jones University, Sherilyn's alma mater. This was a surprise the Lord worked out for us, since we had no idea he would be there at the same time we were.

It was great to see and fellowship with former teachers, friends, and family. The big disappointment of the visit was our inability to visit with close family friends in North Carolina.

We had the visit planned for the last day we were going to be in the area. We were going to drive back up to spend the day with them, but their second child's appendix burst that week and he was in intensive care, so we weren't able to get together. Praise the Lord he has recovered.

On the twenty-third we headed for Florida arriving in Fort Meyers late that night. We spent the weekend with our friends the Attos, and then flew to Puerto Rico on the 27th of October.

Fall 2009 -The Trip of Trips

When you're traveling you know you'll have to do some packing and unpacking, but this trip was different because we ended up packing and unpacking at least five times during the trip. We hope to avoid the same type of itinerary in the future!

We went directly to Mayaguez for about four days after our arrival. Then we transferred to Aguadilla so that a large mission team from Tennessee could have enough room to stay in Mayaguez.

During our time in Aguadilla, Dennis replaced all the fans in the sanctuary, a several large lights outside the building, and rebuilt the sign at the front of the building.

If you think that isn't a lot to accomplish during a week, you just don't realize all the work that was involved. I (Sherilyn), can testify that he worked long and hard all during that week...of course, I may have missed a few things he accomplished since I don't really know all that is involved in electrical work.

I do know that we had to drive back up one other day to finish the sign in front since after he got it all rebuilt it still didn't work right, due to a bad socket he hadn't known to replace.

I spent the time in Aguadilla cooking, cleaning, washing, and working on the web sites. I walked over to a university library close by and get on the internet there to keep up with this site and effective health supplements, the site I've started to share with people the supplements the Lord has provided us.

Due to the improvements in our health, I was able to return to Puerto Rico in 1998, I've not had a recurrence of the cancer, and the arthritis that plagues Dennis hasn't been so disabling that he is unable to travel and help missionaries with his electrical expertise. We thank the Lord for His provision.

Anyway, I think I was able to write several pages during the time we were there.

Fall 2009 Trip to Puerto Rico
Finished in Mayaguez

On the seventh of November we returned to Mayaguez to help the people with the building there. The team from Tennessee had finished dry walling the three rooms at the back of the auditorium where the pastor's office, the deacon's office, and the nursery will be located. Dennis changed the wiring to make these new additions to the layout work. This involved moving switches, outlets, and light fixtures, as well as adding others so that these rooms will work well electrically.

My routine was very similar to the one I followed in Aguadilla, except that the library is located a little further away, and there is a rather large hill in the way that I had to walk over every day to get there. At least it served to keep me in shape!

While we were in Mayaguez they also had their harvest rally. This is an annual evangelistic campaign where the people bring a special offering to thank the Lord for his blessing in their lives. We have several pictures of it in the slide show. It make the work more difficult since we were out several nights on top of the daily work routine, but we enjoyed the opportunity to be with them.

The final week we were invited out to eat by several of the church members. We really appreciate their hospitality and the opportunity for Christian fellowship. The Puerto Rican ladies are wonderful cooks.

Return from Fall 2009 Trip to Puerto Rico

On the nineteenth of November we returned to Florida. Our friends met us in Fort Lauderdale. After our usual meal at the local Mexican restaurant we arrived back in Fort Meyers around 8:30 or 9:00 at night.

We had a couple of days with them, but after the Sunday morning service we left for Indiana. The ending of the fall 2009 trip was long, and thankfully, uneventful. We stayed at a Days in on the northern outskirts of Atlanta and made it home on Monday the twenty-third of November by about 4:30 in the afternoon.

We didn't have much time to visit with our friends in Florida this trip because we had company coming for Thanksgiving so we needed to get home when we did.

We are already planning our next mission trip to Puerto Rico in early 2010. There will be more details in our next email prayer letter. We're planning to get it out soon.

We didn't have a lot of time for relaxation this trip. I think we spent the time we normally spend relaxing moving from one location to another. The view from Cielo y Mar is always wonderful.

However we still managed to make one stop at our favorite restaurant in Aguadilla, the "Cielo y Mar" (Sky & Sea) Restaurant. We were disappointed that Miguel, our favorite waiter was on vacation, but the view was still spectacular.

As usual the weather was warm and beautiful.

There is nothing like a late December snow storm to make you appreciate tropical weather. It is snowing lightly outside here, in Sullivan, as I write this. Winter weather always helps us realize how blessed we are to be able to serve the Lord by traveling to the tropics during some of the worst of winter's weather.

As the Lord provides we trust we'll be able to do that again this year. We enjoyed our fall 2009 trip to Puerto Rico, but there is still more work to be done when we can return. Please pray with us that the Lord will make this possible in the near future.

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