February March 2010 -
Showing off the Island

Our February March 2010 trip had a unique beginning. My youngest sister visited the island with her husband for the first time, and we were able to show her around. So instead of only working in Aguadilla and Mayaguez as we usually do on these trips, we visited Bayamon, Cataño, Levittown, and Fajardo, where I had lived when I was here as a missionary for ten years.

I was able to revisit old friends and really enjoyed seeing parts of the island I hadn't seen in years. Additionally my sister was able to spend a day visiting coffee plantations in the center of the island. That was the highlight of the trip for her, since she is currently the owner of a gourmet coffee business, called Silverbridge Coffee Company.

I'm not a coffee drinker, but her coffee is almost good enough to persuade me to take up the habit. It's definitely the best I've ever tasted.

Anyway, she was able to get some gourmet beans from one finca, the name for a farm or coffee plantation, in Spanish.

Although the travel though the mountains wasn't fun for her, getting to visit the plantations was something she truly enjoyed. Mountain roads here are about a lane and a half wide with no center line, so they do take some "getting used to" we might say.

Come back in a few of weeks to see our slide show including many of the pictures we took. I won't be able to upload it until I get home because I failed to bring the needed connectors, but I'll be sure to get it up before Christmas, if at all possible.

My sister and her husband were only here a few days, and then we got back to our normal work.

February March 2010 -
Aguadilla - New Auditorium Lighting

In Aguadilla, Dennis spent most of our visit on top of a ten foot ladder. All of the electrical connections above the auditorium ceiling needed replacing.

The ceilings are higher here to allow the air to move better, so to reach above them and replace the wiring, he had to be on the very top of the ladder.

I have learned to pray regularly that the Lord will keep him from falling, since falling from the top of a ladder when working like that would be very easy, and probably fatal. I'm thankful the Lord answered that prayer!

He also replaced all the lights in the church auditorium at the same time. They had been replaced at different times over the years until there were actually three different shades of white lights in the room. We think of white as one color, but unfortunately, there are many different variations in light bulbs.

After finishing with the auditorium lighting, he also spent two full days repairing unexpected short circuits that appeared overnight.

Praise the Lord he was there when they happened, since without him they might have been without electricity in those areas of the building until our return trip in the fall.

It takes a good deal of expertise, not to mention a lot of time, to resolve those types of a short circuits, to my understanding.

February March 2010 -
Mayaguez Puerto Rico

We spent the last half of our trip in Mayaguez. Dennis worked on putting boxes in walls, moving switches from one place to another, and a million other things necessary to move the electrical project forward in the new building here.

He also worked with the Pastor to revise the electrical plans so they can actually start using the building.

They recently discovered if the original plans were followed, the minimum electric bill per month would be $650.00!

Since the Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida is an inner city church, a monthly bill of that amount would be completely impossible for them to cover regularly.

So they were able to find another way to do things that will not cause this problem. Dennis will have to rework many of the panels and breakers, but they should then be able to begin using the building within the next year, Lord willing.

February March 2010 -
Puerto Rico to Indiana

We left the island around March 11th and had a safe trip home.

Since we fly from Puerto Rico to Fort Lauderdale where our friends pick us up, and then spend two days driving home, problems are always possible, but praise the Lord there were none.

We enjoyed the week-end with the Attos, and left for Indiana early Monday morning, March 15th. We actually made it home around noon on the 16th if I recall correctly.

February March 2010 -

I had every intention of writing this February March 2010 page, along with the accompanying slide show, within a few weeks of getting home, but life got in the way.

I tried to transfer the pictures to the computer numerous times, but the battery was bad in the camera, so I couldn't. Additionally, after I got them transferred and was working on the slide show, the computer crashed, wiping out all my previous work. As you can imagine, it took a month or so to recuperate from that one.

Of course, there were many other hindrances as well, but if I listed them all, this page still wouldn't get written, so I'll leave the rest to your imaginations. Suffice it to say, getting this page written has been an unusual challenge.

Even now, the slide show will need to wait until the end of our fall trip since we are currently in Puerto Rico without the cables needed to transfer pictures from the cameras and cell phones to the computer. I've finally decided to build the page and add the slide show later, since it seems to be the difficulty in finishing this project.

I hope you'll enjoy the information in spite of these difficulties, and Lord willing, the slide show will be forthcoming.

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