Mission Trip Advantages - Discover the Blessings!

Mission Trip Advantages are many. We call our web site electrifying mission trips for several reasons. One is because of the work we do, mostly electrical. But another is because, most of the time, the trips are very uplifting and enjoyable.

So on this page I want to share with you some of the reasons we enjoy our missions trips. These aren't listed in the order of importance, but in the order they occurred to me as I thought about it this afternoon.

What are They?

The equator crosses the mountains to the right. This is the tourist site!<br>

  • 1. We get to travel to new places that we otherwise might never visit. The highlight of this past year was our trip to Quito, Ecuador.

    wonderful people you meet<br>

  • 2. We meet many very interesting people who love the Lord. We can think of so many different people we've gotten to know in this category, that we could probably write a book or two about these things.

    Ecuadorian Missionaries<br>

  • 3.We also get to know the missionaries better than we could in any other way.

  • 4. We learn about other cultures. Sometimes we tend to take a lot of blessings for granted,but when we travel to other countries we see first hand how truly blessed we are. If you're familiar with how we do electrical work here you'll realize we are blessed when you compare it to how Ecuadorian electricians, pictured here, work.

    Here are a few other examples from our trip to Ecuador. We realized what a blessing hot showers and central heating can be. Neither are available there.

    In addition, I am thankful for air that is easy to breathe. I found the air at 10,000 feet very difficult to breathe. We were supposed to adjust in three days, but I never did.

  • 5. I get to help build and repair things that would be cost prohibitive for the missionaries and nationals we are able to help.

  • 6. We have the privilege of seeing major needs met as only God can.

    Problems kept us from being able to save the money we needed for the trip to Ecuador. Two weeks before we were supposed to leave we had nothing toward the trip.

    During that last two weeks before we left we saw the Lord send in almost four thousand dollars.

    Please don't think we asked anyone for money, our finances were so tight we didn't even have the money to send out a prayer letter informing folks we were planning to go!

    In other words, we get to see miracles happen!

    Are these all the Mission trip Advantages?

    No, I could probably write a book. There are many other things, but before you rush out to plan your first trip, be sure you read the page on mission trip trials as well. It's best not to sugar coat things too much.

    Nonetheless, we are thankful the Lord has allowed us to serve with Him through these mission trips.

    We believe these mission trip advantages are invaluable for both time and eternity. We'd never exchange them for boring tourist travel alone.

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