Mission Trip Planning 2011
If at First You Don't Succeed...

Our Mission Trip Planning 2011 started unexpectedly in mid March for a late spring trip in May. However after tickets were purchased and we were five days away from getting on the plane, the Lord intervened and put our planning on indefinite hold.

If you aren't familiar with the details of that story, you may want to explore postponed mission trip, dealing with change, and the pages I reference on it, to understand our recent history. But if you're interested in current mission trip planning 2011, just keep on reading.

To summarize briefly, Dennis was diagnosed with Pneumonia initially, which was caused by a lung tumor, diagnosed in surgery, the day after we had been planning to return from Puerto Rico. After the cancer diagnosis and the removal of the upper two lobes of his right lung, things were further complicated by a MRSA infection that put him back in the hospital for another five days.

So obviously, our initial mission trip for this year just didn't happen, but you know the old saying...

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again!"

Well, that is what we are doing. I'll let my husband pick up the story here.

Mission Trip Planning 2011
Greetings and Background

Dennis looking forward.

Greetings once again from the Thompsons. We hope you are well and being blessed of the Lord.

I wish I could tell you the same applied to us...

Well, we are being blessed by the Lord, even though my health has caused major disruptions in our schedule this spring, and all Summer long.

But, the good news is that the surgery is over, the MRSA infection after the surgery appears to be over, and I am hoping the kidney stone I passed about two weeks ago is the last I ever have to deal with. At least, when we finally got the results of the tests back, I don't have any more lurking there now.

Additionally, I've finally recovered from the urinary tract infection it caused. I think I'm finally starting to get healthy again!

So now, by faith, we're starting to plan our next mission trip. Sherilyn was recently able to purchase our plane tickets to Puerto Rico. The plan is to leave here on September 26th, drive to Florida and spend a couple of days with my cousin and her husband, and then fly out of Orlando to Aguadilla on September 29th.

Mission Trip Planning 2011
Fall Trip Expectations

We are looking forward to this trip for several reasons.

  1. It will be a pretty good gauge of how well I have recovered.

    I am sure I won't be in as good shape as before the operation. You don't lose 2/3 of a lung, and still have the strength and stamina you had before, but it will still be a good test of what I can and cannot do.

  2. The power company finally has permanent power to the building, so hopefully we can finish getting the permanent power fed into the panels, and have that job completed.
  3. We are planning to install the fire alarm system. This will take some time because there has been no preparation for this work at all.

    The building is almost completely finished, yet we will be attempting to pipe the whole system through the finished building. This will not be easy.

  4. We need to install the fans in the bath rooms. To my knowledge there are at least five of these.
  5. Additionally, we still have a few lights and a couple of room air conditioning units to install. One will go in the nursery, and possibly one in the Pastor's office.

These are our plans as of this writing, but as you're aware if you've been following our trips, they rarely go as planned!

Mission Trip Planning 2011

There has been a major break in the writing of this page that I shouldn't have allowed to happen. I started it in the Doctor's office while waiting for an appointment, and then never got back to it. Instead, I wrote a prayer letter, and never finished this page.

We sent that letter out a week or so ago, but it lacked the information about our travel plans. So it has been a couple of weeks since that doctor's appointment, and very few people know what our latest plans are.

Nothing like sickness to make your money disappear.

I have really been very healthy most all of my life except for a few job related injuries. I've never had any serious on going illnesses.

But, this summer I've had the wonderful experience of finding out all of the joys and pleasures of dealing with many different doctors, repeated hospital stays, multiple x-rays, and many lab tests.

My observations regarding all this, other than consuming most of my summer, has been the glorious realization of medical bills, and the costs that insurance doesn't cover. I'm amazed at how fast, and from how many different directions they can deplete us of our funds!

It truly is a blessing and a comfort to know we have an all sufficient God who promises to take care of us through all our trials and tribulations.

If it weren't for that fact, and the prayers and support of friends, loved ones, and fellow Christians, even those we sometimes don't know of, we would never be able to make our missions trips.

Mission Trip Planning 2011
God's Faithful Provision

We have made eleven trips in the last six years, and we try to go self supporting, as much as possible...

But, it is always a thrill, and an amazement to see how the Lord provides for us when things seem to be impossible. This trip is once agian by faith that the Lord will provide what we need.

This trip we've only bought one way tickets. There are a couple of reasons for this fact.

  • Since I know I won't be able to work as quickly as I used to, because of my shortness of breath and lack of stamina, I'm not sure exactly how long it may take us to get done the things we need to do.
  • Secondly, if I should have to come home quickly because of health reasons, we should be able to do that more easily.

Please pray with us that we'll be able to get our return tickets at reasonable prices when we go to buy them.

Mission Trip Planning 2011

Sherilyn and I are confident, as always, we will be able to make this trip, as a result of our mission trip planning 2011, and get what the Lord wants us to do done.

With the Lord's help to sustain us, I do believe when we come home, whether the first or 2nd week of November, We'll be able to see the congregation in Mayaguez ready to take possession of their new building.

What a blessing that will be! For them, for us, and for the Lord's work in Puerto Rico.

We would once again like to thank you for your part in our ministry both through prayers, and financial support. You have an unknown, yet indispensable, part in helping us serve the Lord in the unique way He has called us to do so.

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