Missionary Resource Center

A missionary resource center could provide many different types of resources. It could provide material resources, or it could provide resources that are spiritual in nature.

Of the two, the spiritual resources are far more important, but also much more readily available to Christian missionaries. God is no respecter of persons. Once we come to know Him through the Lord Jesus Christ, all the resources of heaven are at our disposal. We can access them anytime, and anywhere through faith.

How do we learn about those resources?

There are several different ways of learning about our resources as Christians. Church attendance is one of the best ways to learn about our riches in Christ. I don't mean occasional sporadic attendance, I mean regular, unfailing attendance.

But more importantly for a missionary, those resources are accessed through prayer and Bible study. Frequently when the missionary attends church, he, or she will be in charge of the services, so they won't be learning about their riches in Christ there, they'll be teaching others about them.

This is why it is absolutely necessary for missionaries to regularly read and study the Bible (God's missionary resource center) for themselves.

But on this page, we'd like to share with you resources you can find on the internet; specifically, mission boards, directories, and websites that may be of help and encouragement to you in your missionary work.

If you don't understand those terms, a directory is a list of websites with a little information given about each one, and a website is a page, or pages on the web that provide different types of information or services.

Finally a mission board is a group of people who have organized with the express purpose of sending people as missionaries to other countries.

Missionary Resource Center
Mission Boards

The best way to really find out about each board, what their doctrinal position is, and what their requirements for service are is to visit their website. I will list the URL's if I am able to find them.

Baptist International Missions Incorporated (BIMI) - This is the board I served with while in Puerto Rico. They are located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and to find out more about them visit http://www.bimi.org/. This is their official site.

Baptist Mid-Missions - This board is located in Cleveland Ohio. You can find out all the details about them by visiting http://bmm.org/BMM/, their official website.

Baptist World Mission -A third fundamental mission board is Baptist World Mission, located in Decatur, Alabama. You can get all the details about them and their ministries by visiting http://baptistworldmission.org/, their official website.

This list is in no way exhaustive, but it does give you some solid boards to explore if you are thinking of full time mission work.

Missionary Resource Center

These directories are indexes of Christian websites. Please understand that we are in no way endorsing the content found on each site, but providing them as a resource for you to explore. They appear to be solid sites, but we have not explored them all personally, nor could we possibly. Please use your own best judgment in using them.

The Light Links 2000 Christian Directory
The Baptist Top 1000


Noah's Ark

The organization of Christians with Internet Pages gives access to many other Christian Websites.

-offers thousands of links to all sorts of different Christian ministries.

-this directory also lists many good Bible based websites.

-This directory provides listings specifically for Baptist sites and ministries.

-Fishnet is another Directory containing many Christian resources and sites.

-Is another directory of Christian sites.

This Christian directory is great for checking out other websites owned by Christians, as well as listing your own website if you have one.

This list isn't exhaustive either, and from time to time I will doubtless add to it, but these will give you plenty of sites to search for information.

Missionary Resource Center

These websites provide many different materials for use in Christian ministry. Most are free or provided for the cost of materials nothing more.

Christian Resources - Find tons of Christian Resources sure to be a blessing for all.

Joyful Home Resources -This site offers curriculum for homeschooling and many other resources for the Christian home and homeschoolers.

the Preacher's Journal -Provides resources and sermons for pastors and teachers.

Missionary Resources -This site offers a multitude of resources of every type. There are over forty topics covered. It also provides a networking capability where you can offer or receive help from other missionaries all over the world.

Missionary Resource Center

As we find more resources we believe will be of help to you, we'll be updating this page, so visit back frequently.

We hope these resources will be a blessing to you and further your missions ministries.

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