Opportunities for Participation?

Opportunities for Participation abound in missions. You could be involved by making family mission trips.

But, you're probably thinking,

"Maybe for some people but there are none for me. I know I don't have the time or money to go on mission trips, so there's no sense in my reading this page..."

Please don't go quite yet, let us explain...

There are opportunities for participation for all who know the Lord, ways that you can help us.

Read on to understand how.

Background Information

There is a constant need for funds when building on the mission field, and it has been my experience that materials are generally more expensive on the field than they are at home.

In addition, most places we go to don't have Home Depots, Lowes, or Menards.

Sometimes I have difficulty just buying the common items we need. So, frequently, I find it easier to take some of the materials we will need with me .

Electrical Supplies like the ones I sent to Ecuador.

For example, this spring I sent materials similar to those pictured here, for the work in Ecuador.

When we go we are able to take a little in our luggage with us.

But in this case, we were able to get in touch with a work team from Kansas going to Quito, Ecuador where we were in the fall. They took the supplies with them packed in their luggage.

This saved money even after the shipping costs from Indiana to Kansas.

Part of our ministry is to help with materials as the Lord enables us financially.

However, some items are larger and very expensive. Only God will be able to touch hearts and open doors to provide for these needs, because they are way outside the abilities any average person would have.

We plan to share with you some of these needs on this page.

Why Share these Opportunities for Participation?

There are two major reasons:

  • 1. Although the average person has no way of supplying these things, someone might read the page who isn't "average" and would have the resources to do so.

    God may lay it on that person's heart to help.

  • 2. God answers prayer.

    The more people know about these needs and pray about them, the more certain it is, that in His time, God will provide.

    Opportunities for Participation with Supplies Needed in Mayaguez

    In Puerto Rico because of the size of the building, and the many ways they are planning to use it, a rather large service entrance feed will be needed.

    The architect has specified a 225KVA (Kilo Volt Amps) sub station. This means there will need to be a high voltage disconnect and a high voltage transformer. The primary feed into the transformer will be 13.2KVA so we will need a 15KVA cable to feed it.

    The transformer needs to be a Delta Wye 13.2KVA primary and a 208-120 three phase secondary.

    This need is because lower voltage power isn't available in the city where the building is located. We will have to go to the high voltage line and drop down from there.

    The power company in Puerto Rico will not supply the transformer, so the people there will need to buy one on their own.

    They will also need a fifty-five foot pole and the metering system, high voltage cutouts, and lightening arrestors to go with it.

    Plus we will need the conduit and wire to feed both the primary and secondary sides of the transformer.

    Finally we will also have to buy the high voltage terminator cable kits. These are about $100 each, and we will need twelve of them.
    This  is similar to the vault needed to enclose the transformer in Mayaguez.

    A cabinet, or vault, similar to the one shown here will also be needed to enclose the transformer. It will be placed either on the roof of the building or in the basement. The gives you a visual idea of the sizes involved.

    As you can see, this is a fairly large and expensive project.

    Why are these Supplies Necessary?

    By law, they must install air conditioning in a church in Puerto Rico. So the architect decided the three phase electricity outlined above was the cheapest way to go.

    Further Opportunities for Participation

    In addition they will need emergency lights and exit lights.

    They still need to install the baptistery, and the outside lights that will be mounted on the building.

    This trip they roughly laid out where the nursery will be built, and where the Pastor's Office will be located. These will also cause some minor revisions since they were not planned initially.

    There will be other expenses as well.

    As with most building projects, once people begin to see the layout, they often want, or need, changes. It is almost inevitable.

    There are times when we wish their foresight was as good as their hindsight, but as I said, it isn't unusual.

    Another Major Opportunity for Participation There

    A sound system is also a necessity in this building. With its large size, and solid, stucco covered, concrete walls, it will be difficult to install a sound system that enables ease of hearing.

    Unless God gives special wisdom, or moves someone who is an expert in this field of work to step forward, it isn't likely to happen.

    If you have these abilities, and are open to the possibility of using then on a short term mission trip, please contact us, maybe you're the one God plans to use to complete this project.

    We can assure you that Puerto Rico is a great place to visit. (Especially during the winter months!)

    Even if you could only go to lay out the work, it would be a tremendous help. If one knows how to do it, it isn't usually that difficult to get workers to do the installation.

    The Broadest Opportunities for Participation

    You may not know anything about electrical supplies, have no money that you can contribute toward them, and know nothing about sound systems.

    Nonetheless, if you know Christ as Savior, you can have a part in these "opportunities for participation", and in providing these needs for the people in Puerto Rico!

    How? You may ask...

    Through prayer! Please pray with us diligently about these needs. We have no way of providing these needs humanly, either.

    When I tried to find a second hand transformer that might be more affordable for the people there, I was informed that China is buying them all up, and there are none available.

    Humanly speaking, these "opportunities for participation" represent impossibilities, for us, and for the church in Mayaguez.

    But, we serve a miracle working God. He is able and willing to do the impossible. He says, (in today's English)

    "Call unto me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you don't know about."

    We have seen Him do miracles for us before. We believe, in His time and way, He will meet these needs as well.

    Please pray with us, so that when these "opportunities for participation" are provided, as miracles that only He can do, you can rejoice with us as well.

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