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If you want to be successful, planning a christian mission trip is necessary. But there may be times when very little human planning is done. Although I believe this to be the exception rather than the rule, when it happens, it is because the Lord plans the trip.

However, God rarely does for us what we can do for ourselves, so most of the time, He wants us to do the planning. Nonetheless even after we've planned, the final plan for the trip is in His hands. That is where the faith comes in.

If you're interested in a story about mission trip planning from my experience, you'll want to explore the preceding link.

But before we discuss what the steps are to planning a Christian mission trip, lets talk about...

Prerequisites for Planning a Christian Mission Trip

Before you plan a mission trip you must:

  1. Have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. If you don't know what this means, or aren't sure about it, please read this series on spiritual health for a more detailed explanation.
  2. Surrender to go wherever God wants you to go, and be sure He is calling you to mission work.
  3. Study scripture and pray asking God to show you where He wants you to go.
  4. Be committed and involved in a Bible-believing, gospel preaching local church.
  5. Serve faithfully in any and every way you can in that local church.
  6. Seek the sending, support, and blessing of your pastor and church family.
  7. Trust that when God shows you where He wants you, He will enable you to get there.

Steps for Planning a Christian Mission Trip

Mission trip planning involves several steps.

  1. Get to know as many missionaries as possible.
  2. Research different mission fields.
  3. Research sending agencies (otherwise known as mission boards).
  4. Understand the difference between home and foreign mission opportunities.
  5. Be willing to go on a short term mission trip even if you doubt a calling to full time mission work.
  6. Use the talents and abilities God has given you to serve him, wherever you are at, all the time.
  7. Look for mission trip opportunities.

Options in planning a Christian Mission Trip

You have several options at this point. You can:

  • Join a mission team that someone else has planned and organized. This is the easiest way to plan a missions trip because the organizers will have done much of the practical planning, and all you'll have to do is whatever they tell you to do.

    Mission boards, Christian colleges and universities, and sometimes local churches organize teams. Also, occasionally, missionaries on the field will organize short term teams to help them with specific projects.

    You might help with construction, as my husband and I do, or you might help with Bible Schools during the summer, with evangelistic campaigns, or with summer camps. This isn't an exhaustive list of possibilities, but it does give you ideas of possibilities.

    If you decide to go this route be sure you know and trust the leadership of the team you'll be joining. Also be sure you follow their instructions and are willing to do whatever they ask you to do while on the trip. Finally, make sure you know what the living accommodations will be while you are on the trip, what your financial obligations will be, and how and when you'll be expected to fulfill them.

  • You can apply to a mission board for full time service as a missionary. In this case you will be making a commitment of months or years, instead of weeks or months. Each board has an application for missionary candidates.

    I plan to write a page in the near future discussing different Baptist mission boards. However, the best resource regarding boards for any prospective missionary is your local church pastor. Be sure to seek his advice and counsel regarding the different mission boards you are considering.

    Another valuable resource is missionaries you know personally. Ask them about the board they serve under, as well as others they may have considered serving under. They can give you valuable information about practical matters that will affect your life if you serve under a particular board.

  • You can plan a mission trip on your own. I wouldn't recommend this unless you've had previous experience in mission work, or unless you personally know the field and missionaries you plan to go and work with. If you decide to go this route, you will be responsible to do all the planning yourself, or in connection with the missionaries you are going to help.

    In addition, if you are planning the trip on your own, please keep an eye out for the next page I write on mission trip planning. I will give more details and a list of things that you will need to do and decide while you are planning a christian mission trip. Since I've been in mission work most of my life, I have had a good deal of experience with this, so I believe you should find plenty of useful information.

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