Postponed Mission Trip
God's Plan Changers

A postponed mission trip was the furthest thing from our minds when we went to watch our grandson play ball in Clinton last Friday night. We had both had colds for a week or two, but we'd both felt a good deal better that day. It was the first day, in about five, that Dennis had his appetite back.

We decided we'd buy Pizza and take it up for a before game meal. We really wanted to see him play since we planned to be in Puerto Rico for most of his baseball team's playing season.

It had been a typical day in our lives right before a mission trip. They were predicting rain every day until we left, so when it was only cloudy, Dennis decided to mow lawns. While mowing, someone called. When he reached in his pocket for his cell phone, he accidentally knocked his car keys out of his pocket, and then ran over them with the mower...

No, the keys didn't survive!

When he went to the local car dealer to replace them, they didn't have the needed blank for the key, although they were able to give him a fob. So on our way to the game, we stopped by the dealership in Terre Haute to get a key.

They had a key blank, but the machine to make it with was broken. So, we got the blank and figured we'd get it ground at the dealer in Sullivan the next day.

As we were headed north we received a call from Brent letting us know they had moved the game time to a half hour earlier. That meant there wasn't time to eat the Pizza before our grandson had to be at the game.

As soon as we got to Clinton, Dennis, his son, Brent, and Seth, our grandson, left for his game. The ladies stayed behind and cooked the Pizza, then followed the men to the ball park. The games are usually six innings, but at the end of six innings the score was tied, so they played on.

Finally, after eight innings, the other team managed to eek out a win. Although it never rained during the game, the weather was cloudy, cool and damp with a fairly strong wind blowing.

We ladies watched from the car, but the men stood out by the fence because they didn't feel they could see as well from the car.

Everybody ate pizza except for Seth, and we had a good time, but due to the extended innings it was after ten by the time we got home.

No sooner had we walked in the house then Dennis said, "I'm cold!"

I thought that was a little strange, but within a minute he was chilling so badly he was shaking. Needless to say, I was concerned, but we took showers and went to bed almost immediately.

It never occurred to either of us that God was working to postpone the mission trip, on which we were planning to leave the following Wednesday.

Postponed Mission Trip
Sick on Easter Week End

Saturday morning, I could immediately tell that Dennis hadn't gotten any better. He told me his back hurt, underneath the shoulder blade so badly that he couldn't cough, and when I took his temperature, it was 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was on his right side, so we weren't scared he was having a heart attack, but we both realized he was seriously ill.

Since it was Easter week-end, we knew he couldn't get a doctor's appointment until Monday, but we were beginning to suspect he had pneumonia, and I knew that wasn't something you could ignore for several days without it becoming life threatening.

So I suggested we go the the walk in clinic in Terre Haute.

Fortunately we got there before they got too busy, but the visit still took us until about two in the afternoon. They took chest X-Rays which confirmed that he did have pneumonia, so the doctor prescribed a powerful antibiotic, and an inhaler.

They also checked his blood sugar, since he'd been very thirsty for about five days before we went in, but praise the Lord they don't think he is diabetic.

However, the doctor did send him for further Lab work at a nearby hospital.

Postponed Mission Trip
Checking out Travel Plans

After the doctor told us Dennis had pneumonia, we informed him about our planned trip to Puerto Rico, and asked him if it would be OK to go.

He said...

"I would definitely advise against it. I can't tell you what to do, but I don't think you should travel for at least four to six weeks until you are sure you've recovered."

Our annual trip to family camp in Wisconsin is just about six weeks away now, so we realized, the Lord had just postponed our mission trip until at least the end of the summer.

Pneumonia really makes you sick. Dennis can tell you.

We got home around two, and Dennis immediately collapsed in his recliner. He is very sick. He has been on the antibiotic for three days now, so he is starting to feel a little better, but he's definitely not up to travel yet, much less to a month's worth of strenuous work.

I called the pastor in Puerto Rico on Saturday evening to let him know about our postponed mission trip.

This morning I called and canceled the airline tickets...

Please pray with us that the airline will change their minds about the $100 per ticket change fee, they say we'll have to pay. It seems very high to me since that will be about a third of the cost of the tickets.

Postponed Mission Trip
Trusting God's Way is Perfect

As you know, if you read the page I wrote about Our Mission Trip Planning last week, we had very mixed emotions about this trip from the beginning, yet at the same time, we did want to help the church in Puerto Rico, so we figured we should go.

After our initial disappointment about this postponed mission trip, we're relieved to know we won't need to be gone at this time of year.

I believe the Lord wanted to be sure we were willing to go. But with the tickets purchased and last minute preparations well underway, he apparently only wanted our willingness in this situation, not that we actually go.

Please pray with us that Dennis will recover completely from the pneumonia with no further complications, and that the same infection I'm still fighting, won't go into pneumonia for me.

Pray too, that the Lord will continue to work in Puerto Rico, and that they might be able to get the usage of the building contingent on our finishing the needed fire alarm system as soon as possible.

We know the Lord has a purpose in everything He allows, so we trust He will work out all these details in spite of our postponed mission trip.

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