Puerto Rican News
Greetings from Puerto Rico, October 2011

We're working hard to finish this electrical project.

Our Puerto Rican news comes from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. I must say that the weather here is a little warmer than it is back home in Indiana. It is mostly sunny here with afternoon showers that only last a few minutes, but come down pretty hard when they come.

The downside of being here is, I usually go through three sets of clothes a day, and sometimes as many as five. While here, I tend to perspire in copious amounts. This makes us very tired after a short while. I'm tired from sweating, and Sherilyn from doing laundry.

It is quite important not to get dehydrated when we are here too. I need to drink a lot of water, which only makes me perspire more. It becomes an endless cycle.

Puerto Rican News
Work Update

The work here is going fairly well, and several of the projects we needed to complete for the building occupancy permit have already been done.

However, once again we have had some changes we've had to deal with, and even though they are sometimes hard to accept, especially after you've already installed the work, they are a necessary part of finishing a construction project like this.

This trip we’ve had changes with the fire alarm system. We had it almost completed, when the Fire Marshall required us to add heat detectors in the first floor garage area and fellowship hall. These had to be monitored from a fire alarm panel on the second floor. All of these things hadn't been requirements up until then. So, of course we didn't have them. This required us to re-pipe part of the system, in addition to pulling out all of the first floor wire and smoke detectors, because they weren't compatible with the voltage of the new system panel.

This was a fairly expensive change, but praise God, the funds were available, and we were also able to obtain most of the material we needed in only a few days.

We also have to redo the controls on the outside security lights. Originally I wanted to put them on a time clock, but they thought they wanted them on a photo cell. So we did it their way, last trip.

But, after the last hurricane brushed the island, the photo cell was pretty well water logged, and rendered inoperable.

So this trip we will install the time clock with a shut off switch added, as well.

We were also able to purchase carpet flanges for the platform receptacles. We only needed seven.

I originally thought we needed tile flanges, so that was what we had bought when we bought the floor boxes over a year ago. Now they've decided to install carpet instead of tile.

It was just another small surprise. As we say quite often here...

"Welcome to Puerto Rico"...

Changes are to be expected.

Another Puerto Rican news flash from the fire department we weren't aware of until we got here, was a requirement for the installation of four new lights in the garage area, between the foyer and the new elevator.

We’ve already manage to install them, but it was a little more work than we had expected, because they needed to be able to operate them from four different locations.

Puerto Rican News
Lessons Learned...

One thing about mission work in Puerto Rico, especially when you are doing construction is that every day is a new challenge.

Changes are often, material is expensive, and often hard to find, and blue prints or instructions are frequently non-existent.

We regularly spend a lot of time trying to buy what we need, but it often isn't easy.

This particular trip has been no exception. Fortunately, we expected it to be difficult.

Puerto Rican News
Reasons for Difficulties

The new building for Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida is nearing completion.

  1. James Greever, a friend and co-worker from Virginia, and I are far from being in the best of health, and we are both pushing 65.
  2. Yet upon arrival, we also expected we wouldn't have all the information, instructions, and supplies we need to finish the job. (We found things as expected!)
  3. Additionally, we are aware that the closer we get to finishing this job, the more opposition we will have from many, many different sources. We've fought this project all the way.

    Sometimes, the Church sees things they hadn't thought of before, and they want to relocate things. This is a normal occurrence when working with most churches.

    Other times there always seems to be at least one government agency that requires more than you have anticipated. As previously mentioned, this time it was the Fire Department.

    I wasn't surprised by this, since for three years I have been trying to get a layout for the fire alarm system. However, I've only come to realize in the last year why there were no prints in the original drawings...

    There were basically two reasons. First, the requirements were almost non-existent when this project was first started in 1995, but over the years new regulations had been put in place. So now we must try to meet them.

    Second, the original prints for the project were not complete, and the special systems weren't finished. I'm told the original prints for this project cost $35,000. This should have been enough money to have a complete set, yet sad to say, this was not the case.

    Finally, we're aware the real reason for all of the opposition we've had is because it is a church we are building. I've felt from the first time I came here that Satan's opposition was very strong, and over the years, I've come to believe it even more. I can think of no more basic reason why we have had so many major obstacles to overcome,in a building that should have been fairly simple to complete.

Puerto Rican News

The good news is, that even though we have had these obstacles to overcome, we have, by God's grace, been able to pretty well complete the electrical work on this project.

We are now praying, and we'd appreciate you praying with us, that we have no other problems, changes, or unforeseen obstacles, so we can finally get the permits needed to occupy the building.

I am quite sure everyone involved with this project would agree it's time to say it is finished...

And by God's grace, I believe the electrical part may be.

Praise the Lord!

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