Quito Trip in October 2008 - Overview

Our Quito trip in October 2008 started on the third and went through the eleventh. It was supposed to go through the tenth, but the trip home ended up being thirty-two hours, so it lasted an extra day.

We traveled all day on Friday arriving in Quito at around seven in the evening. By the time we made it through customs and got to where we were staying it was nine-thirty to ten at night.

Sherilyn dropped her passport while getting into the van to leave the airport. Ten minutes later as we were getting ready to pull out of the airport parking she realized her passport was missing.

Lynford ran back through the rain to where the van had been parked. There was her passport lying on the ground. We all thanked the Lord for that miracle!

On Saturday the men poured the steps from the first to the second floor of the new church building while Dennis planned the electrical work and made a supplies list. We all got a little accustomed to the altitude and got acquainted with the families we were staying with.

Church Service in Ecuador

Sunday we went to church services in the morning. In the afternoon and evening we visited the equator and took some pictures. You'll see them in the slide show. that was the only sight seeing we managed during the whole Quito trip in October 2008.

Monday Dennis and Lynford went shopping for electrical supplies. Everyone worked on digging the ditch for the wire installation, and the women started working on the drapes.

Tuesday through Thursday work continued every day on the electrical installation at the church. The women worked on making curtains for the windows in the new auditorium. Myron, the pastor on the team worked on his presentations for the couples retreat during this time, and Sherilyn worked on translating those presentations so the missionary wouldn't have to stay up all night to do it.

Thursday evening through Saturday we traveled about an hour and a half outside of Quito to a Christian campground for a couples retreat. This was a real highlight of the Quito trip in October 2008. About fifteen couples attended. The Lord blessed the sessions in spite of a twenty-four hour power outage and one man was saved. The church had been praying for his salvation for over a year.

Sunday after the morning services a group from church went out for pizza. Afterward the team was going to visit downtown Ecuador, but Sherilyn hadn't been feeling well since getting back from the retreat, so we went home after the Pizza outing.

Monday morning we boarded a plane for home. Sherilyn had developed a bad case of Montezuma's revenge. It was controlled with medicine, but the pain wasn't, so it was an uncomfortable trip for her to say the least.

Plane problems in Miami resulted in a late arrival in Chicago at about eleven thirty at night. The last connecting flight to Indianapolis left at 8:30 p.m. so they put us up in a hotel. However we waited on the curb for about two hours for a shuttle bus, so by the time we got to the hotel we had about two or three hours of sleep.

We were very happy to finally arrive home from our Quito trip in October 2008 at about noon on Tuesday, the eleventh. After about three days of dosing with probiotics and stomach enzymes, Sherilyn was feeling fairly normal by the week-end.

Experiences and Impressions on Quito Trip in October 2008

Ecuadorian Couple of Family we Stayed with

The family we stayed with during this Quito trip in October 2008 had three children, a ten year old boy named Josue, and two teen age girls, Yanesa, fourteen, and Meliana, sixteen. They were gracious hosts, a sweet family, and they treated us very well.

Ecuador is a very beautiful country, at least from what we saw. You can see that from the picture below, but the slide show will give an even better idea.

Since Quito is almost on the equator, everyone thinks it is fairly warm, but I can assure you that is not always so. Temperatures at night were in the mid forties, and it rained every afternoon so it was quite damp and cool.

The houses in Ecuador are built with no insulation, and no indoor heat. The missionary had informed us of these facts ahead of time, but somehow it had failed to sink in. Had we understood, we would have packed heavier clothing.

All the people we met on our Quito trip in October 2008 were very gracious and always went out of their way to meet our needs. They are very interesting people who live ordinary lives for the most part. They work hard, love their families, and love the Lord. They were as interested in us as we are in them. It was a blessing and a privilege to meet them and get acquainted.

Most people walk a lot more there because many of them can't afford cars. Also when you walk, it seems like everything is up hill. With the thin air, Quito is 10,000 feet above sea level, just breathing can be a real struggle.

Mass transit is very popular. There are buses everywhere so the smog from the diesel engines is heavy in the air.

Roads are not always in the best repair, as you'll see from the slides, so when you get off of the major highways you have a real bone jarring ride. We found the pot holes truly unbelievable. When I got back home, I did notice that even our worst roads weren't nearly as bad as I had previously thought!

We are always able to take a few hours and do some site seeing. We find that very interesting. On this Quito trip in October 2008, we were able to go to the equator.

I had never been south of the equator before. We were staying about thirty miles south, so we traveled north to the equator. I will always remember getting my picture taken while standing with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one foot in the southern hemisphere...

Then they told me that the Equator was actually crossing a mountain top about a half mile away! Oh well, the experience was still memorable.

When you go to a place like Ecuador, it usually takes a few days to understand the methods and ways the locals work. For instance in Ecuador there are no electrical codes.

I am somewhat spoiled because after forty years of working construction, I have practically every tool I need to do almost anything I need to do. In fact my work shop at home is really not big enough to hold all my tools.

But when I'm on trips, I constantly find myself saying, "If I were home, I would have what we need." So I find myself buying tools, tools which I usually end up leaving because the cost of shipping them home is prohibitive.

However, I've found the reality is that when you are working with people who don't have all the tools you do, they are usually pretty good at improvising and using what they have to get things done. This may mean doing it the hard way, as I see it, but they will still get the job done.

Problems and Lessons from Quito trip in October 2008

The Rainbow of God's Promises can always be seen !

Sometimes there are problems that affect us when we travel to different places. The Quito trip in October 2008 to Ecuador was that way for me. The airport in Quito is nine thousand feet above sea level, and we stayed another thousand feet above that. Most people adjust to the altitude after a couple of days. However,I suffered from altitude sickness the whole time I was there.

I discovered it is very difficult to work when you can't breathe very well, and it is extremely difficult when you are trying to sleep. Sherilyn says she thinks I developed sleep apnea, so every time she woke up during the night she'd end up praying I'd breathe!

We take indoor heating for granted. The Ecuadorians can't imagine why you would spend money on that! They did have hot water on the shower, but it was an instant water heater that only worked if the water pressure was low.

It was a lot like taking a shower in a refrigerator. If you didn't get the switch flipped just right, you got to shower in cold water. When we got back from our Quito trip in October 2008 we both thanked the Lord for hot showers every time we took one for weeks.

There were other things that weren't as comfortable for us as well. Since I am a fairly large person, I missed having access to a recliner like the one I have at home. We also missed our "sleep number" air bed. It makes sleeping a lot easier at home.

The missionaries do their best to make your stay enjoyable as well as profitable, but they can't provide the comforts of home that aren't available in that country. We know before we go on the trips that these problems are part of the price we pay to serve the Lord.

So please understand...

We Want to get the Job Done!

We work very hard while we are on the mission field. At times we work fairly long days. Ten, eleven, or twelve hour days are not unusual. After all, that's why we are there.

I usually don't plan to be gone for much over a month because that is pretty close to all I can take. This first Quito trip in October 2009 was only a week and a half.

When I return home, it usually takes me at least a couple of weeks to recover, but then it doesn't take very long before we are looking forward to our next trip.

Opportunties Abound!

There are always opportunities for working mission trips. If you ever have the privilege to go on one, you'll no doubt have your own eye opening experiences.

The only things slowing us down are my physical abilities, and the cost involved. The Lord has been good. We have been able to go when needed and we praise Him for that blessing.

We also praise Him for His dear saints who have given us the prayer support, as well as the finances we have needed. Without them this Quito trip in October 2008 would never have happened.

The blessings have been ours, and we trust yours as well if you've supported us on our trips.

We are honored to have been able to serve on this Quito trip in October 2008. We'd like to share with you some of the sights from the trip so please enjoy our...

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