Chapter Two - Sherilyn in High School and College.

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High School - Sherilyn Makes Choices

During high school there were no major changes in my life. We moved again a couple of times . The first time we moved to Lansing, Michigan where, for the only time I remembered, my Dad was not pastor of a church. For two years he was the principal of a Christian school instead.

Two years later he accepted the pastorate of a church in Utica, Michigan so we moved again the summer before my junior year of high school.

In Utica, I was in a church youth program that emphasized Scripture memory. Not only did you have to learn the verses, but you had to pass a written test on them at the end of the year. As a reward they offered a free trip to camp or a college scholarship. I started memorizing Scripture through that program.

One of the first verses I learned was Joshua 1:8. To my understanding, according to this verse meditating on Scripture, and obeying it continually, is God's formula for success. I believe the only practical way to do that is to memorize verses, so I've made Scripture memorization a part of my life.

Sherilyn's Spanish Study Continues

My understanding was that if I didn't take two years of a foreign language in high school I would have to take it in college. So, not being much of a procrastinator, I decided I might as well get it over with as soon as possible.

I took Spanish again because I couldn't see starting over with a different language. Besides the reason I'd first taken Spanish was I knew it was spoken throughout much of South America, so I thought that if the Lord should want to use me in mission work, that would be a good language to know.

I had no further problems with my grades, but I didn't learn much either. Truthfully, I was bored with it.

When I walked out of my senior year of high school Spanish, I said, "Whew, I'm glad that's over! I'll never take another foreign language!"

Sherilyn Learns Not to tell the Lord what She'll Never Do!

Two years later, I declared Spanish as my minor in college! I was majoring in Elementary Education. If I shared all the details that went into that change of mind, this would definitely become a book.

So I'll minimize it, by sharing with you only the miracles God worked to make it happen. There were many details that changed my earlier determination not to further study Spanish, but I still wasn't enthusiastic about the idea.

Nonetheless, since I'd told the Lord I would do what He wanted me to do, I began to pray about what He wanted me to minor in. Spanish was one of the top possibilities. When the class schedule came out the semester I had to decide, there was only one Spanish class that would fit in my schedule. It was first semester, second year.

So I went to take the placement test. (If you have studied a language in high school, you have to take a placement test before beginning college study so you start studying at the right place.) I asked the Lord if He wanted me minoring in Spanish to enable me to get into that class.

When I finished the test and the teacher graded it she told me that I had placed into second semester, first year. I said, "Oh, that's too bad, I though maybe the Lord wanted me to minor in this, but I guess not." Then I started to walk out.

The teacher said, "Wait a second, Sherilyn, tell me about this." So, I gave her the whole story. When I finished she said, "I'm the teacher of that class, so I can sign a waiver to let you in the class...but Sherilyn, college Spanish isn't like high school Spanish. I'm afraid you'll have trouble passing the class."

Ever since I'd been a little girl people had been telling me about how hard some class was going to be in the future, so I have to tell you I didn't really believe her and I told her that. I also explained to her what my prayer had been. She agreed to sign the waiver.

She wasn't kidding about the difficulty of the class! I prepared for all my other classes on the week-ends and I spent every night, from the time I got back to my room after supper until I went to bed, studying for Spanish.

Even so, the first few papers I wrote came back covered with red marks, and with grades of "D" or "F".

What was worse, I was so far behind, I didn't even understand the corrections. When I talked to the teacher about that problem she said, "Sherilyn, is there a time you could come by my office and let me help you a little more?" So, she tutored me on the side, free of charge for the whole semester.

With her extra help and a lot of hard work and prayer, I managed to pass.

It was around this time that I began to consider the possibility that the Lord might want me in missions. As much as I had hated Spanish in high school, when I began to study it again in college, although I was struggling to pass, I found I loved it.

The language began to fascinate me and I really wanted to learn. I bought a two inch thick Spanish-English dictionary and I began to work at learning to communicate, not just avoiding failure.

Sherilyn Becomes Obsessed with Summer Mission Trips.

As I started my junior year of college the idea of going on a summer mission trip began to weigh on my mind.

You see, my parents had said, "Sherilyn, you can't go on any mission trips, or do anything else during the summer except work. We're paying your school bill, but we need you to work during the summers to pay for your books and clothing."

I am grateful to this day for their sacrifice. Had they given me a new car when I graduated from high school they would have paid far less, and the car would be a piece of junk by now.

The education they gave me is still helping me to this day. So I wasn't upset about that requirement.

But it seemed this idea of going on a summer mission trip just wouldn't go away. It got to the point where it was almost an obsession.

Finally, about Thanksgiving time, I began to pray about it. I don't remember the exact words, but this was the gist of the prayer...

Lord, I don't know what is going on here. You've told us to obey our parents, and Mom & Dad have said I can't go on a mission team until after my senior year of college. I'm only a junior, but I just can't seem to get this idea of mission teams out of my head.

I've tried to put it out of my mind, but it just doesn't seem to be working. The only thing I can figure is that you are trying to tell me something...

But I know you don't want me to disobey my parents because your Word is clear on that. So, if you want me to go on a summer missions team, I'm willing and I'm easy to convince...

If you want me to go, you change Mom & Dad's mind, and I'll know you want me to go. I'll talk with them about it at Christmas.

I must tell you that I was asking the impossible in my mind. Those of you who know my parents may understand, but for those who don't, I must tell you that my parents are not easily swayed when they make a decision about something.

That is why I knew that if they agreed it would have to be God changing their minds. I've never been able to do it!

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I realize that if you forget about Sherilyn it won't really matter. My desire as you've gotten to know me, is that you realize that the Lord is the one who is responsible for any good you may find in me.

If you forget all about Sherilyn, you'll be fine. If you forget Him, you'll regret it for all eternity!

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