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Tales of Thompsons' Trips Issue #25 November 2013 Adventure Travel Nicaragua
November 26, 2013

Adventure travel Nicaragua is best appreciated in retrospect.

Home again!

It is always something we look forward to, after being away. We always find the old saying, "there is no place like home” to be very true. Our latest travel adventure, as mentioned above, was in Nicaragua. We left for Florida on September 23rd, and arrived home again on November 5th. We’re thankful to say the trip was one of our better ones…

there were no twenty-two hour legs to the trip this time, like we experienced on the way home from Puerto Rico in June, praise the Lord. In fact our plane was only a couple of hours late leaving, and the flight was smooth.

Even though we did arrive several hours late Omar, the man who would be our guide and companion for the next 28 days, was faithfully waiting for us.

Adventure Travel Nicaragua
Car Rental and Driving

Our adventure travel Nicaragua was definitely heightened by our rental car. As soon as Omar greeted us we proceeded to the rental office and picked up our car with little difficulty. In the interests of good stewardship, and due to our limited finances, we had rented the smallest available vehicle for the month.

Once I (Dennis) saw our car, I realized the providential protection provided by the severe limitations imposed by the airlines on the amount of luggage we could bring. After packing our luggage into the vehicle, the trunk and three fourths of the postage sized backseat were full. I was once again rejoicing that I had lost over fifty pounds of excess weight. So even though it was neither roomy, nor comfortable, at least we did all fit in.

Next we left the airport and experienced the “thrill” of driving in Nicaragua. I can assure you it kept us all on praying grounds the whole month! And by the mercy of God, although we put over 4,500 kilometers on that little rental car, we were able to return it unscathed at the end of our trip.

Words are incapable of describing this facet of adventure travel in Nicaragua, you would have to have pictures to appreciate it, but to give you some idea, only the major highways are paved in the country. Since we visited during rainy season, as you might imagine, there was plenty of mud to cause problems.

Some roads had miniature canyons down the middle on each hill, others had “puddles” as large as small ponds of unknown depths that had to be crossed, and in one instance we even drove through a river to get to lunch! It wasn’t more than two feet deep, but I (Sherilyn) think there had to be a few angels pushing the car down or we might have been swept away.

Adventure Travel Nicaragua
Religion in Nicaragua

As you’re probably aware, Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion in Nicaragua, so we saw our share of Cathedrals, but they weren’t what necessitated our adventure travel.

We had our adventures visiting the national pastors of Nicaragua who are missionaries to their own people in tiny towns and large cities scattered throughout the country. We actually met 36 pastors in the 28 days we were there. That was why we drove 4,500 kilometers, forded rivers and braved humongous mud puddles in our tiny car that Dennis aptly described as a “pregnant roller skate".

There are so many stories we’d like to share. We saw a level of dedication to the Lord, and determination to reach the lost of Nicaragua that we’ve rarely, if ever, experienced anywhere else.

The people of Nicaragua are very poor, so the men who are ministering to them are poor as well. Instead of investing in electrical supplies this trip, we invested in the needs of these servants of the Lord.

We were privileged to be used of God to supply bicycles so men could get to the areas they are ministering to more quickly, and visit further in less time. We also provided funds for some men to see the doctor about pressing physical problems that needed treatment. We were able to help another Pastor’s family pay off a bed they were forced to buy on credit after the father suffered a bad break of his leg when he accidentally fell from a tree.

These are just some of the ways we were able to help during the trip. It is always an adventure to be part of what the Lord is doing. We trust and pray we were an encouragement to these men who are so faithfully serving the Lord.

Adventure Travel Nicaragua
Beautiful Countryside

Nicaragua is about the size of Louisiana, but although it isn’t nearly as large as our country, it is a very beautiful country. It has every type of scenery you can imagine, and probably a lot you can’t imagine if you’ve never traveled in Central America.

There are two large fresh water lakes in the middle of the country with mountain ranges to the east and west of them. They also have several active volcanos scattered throughout the country, although none present any serious danger to population centers at this time.

Although we spent the whole month traveling around the country, we were never able to reach the northern part of the country, nor did we ever make it to the eastern plains. It is difficult to travel in the east since much of the country is very swampy there. In spite of our constant travel, Dennis estimates we never traveled further than about 200 kilometers from Managua, the capital city.

Additionally the climate is tropical so you never have to worry about snow on the mountains, since, to my knowledge none are over about three thousand feet high. For Dennis that is a blessing since the cold aggravates his arthritis.

Lord willing, we’ll be writing a page about the country later where we’ll include plenty of pictures for you to enjoy.

Adventure Travel Nicaragua
Future Plans

As the Lord provides, we’d like to return to Nicaragua this spring to seek residency visas. There are many needs Dennis could meet by installing or upgrading lights and electricity for the churches and pastors. There are also many needs for training and discipleship that I can be involved in initially, and Dennis can join me in, as soon as he masters the language.

We will need to learn the language well, which will be an adventure in its own way, Dennis is learning for the first time, and I will need to learn how Spanish is spoken there, since every country has its own accents and vocabulary. I can communicate, but I definitely speak Puerto Rican rather than Nicaraguan Spanish. So that will need to be a high priority in the beginning.

Please pray with us that the Lord will enable us to get the necessary paperwork and documentation as quickly as possible, and that he’ll provide our financial needs to make this possible, in His will.

We’ll have no problem living in Nicaragua once we get there, but we’ll need somewhere between $30,000 and $50,000 to accomplish the move, that we don’t currently have, nor can we imagine how we can get. There are many decisions that must be made, and much work that must be accomplished if we are to go. We know we could never accomplish it in our own strength, nor can we make it happen.

Yet, isn’t it wonderful God isn’t limited by our imaginations, and that we can do “all things through Christ who strengthens” us? If He wants us there, He will provide and enable. It is always a joy to see Him work.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

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