Christian Mission News August-September 2010
The Lord's Blessings

Greetings from the Thompsons. We hope you are all well and the Lord is continuing to bless your lives. Sherilyn and I are definitely well and very blessed by our Lord.

Speaking of the Lord, he has opened many doors for us this summer. We have had a very busy summer and find it hard to believe it's coming very rapidly to an end. So many good things have happened since we got home from our last mission trip at the end of March that it is hard to know where to start.

I'm sure most of you are aware that we attend a very small church in our town, Sullivan, Indiana. The church was started by Sherilyn's father after he "retired" from his church in West Terre Haute a few years ago.

After 50 years of being a pastor, retirement didn't seem to "take." The Lord has since led him to start a new church here in Sullivan, and we have been helping with that ministry when we were in town.

The church has struggled for a while, but the Lord has continued to bless and encourage us. During the past years, he has provided all we needed, including the church building we now have.

Since our return home in March, the Lord has exceptionally blessed us. We've seen several saved, baptized, and joined with us in church membership which has more than doubled our attendance. We believe one of the major reasons for this is that the Lord has blessed our pastor's hard work.

Christian Mission News August-September 2010
Busy Summer

Before summer even started we made a trip to the creation museum with a family from our church that had never been there before. This always makes for a good day, and it is a nice way to get to know members of your church better. We have made this trip numerous times and always receive a blessing just by being there.

We started the summer with family camp.We were able to take Sherilyn's three nieces and a nephew to family camp again this summer at Northland. The teaching and preaching were tremendous, and the time with the children was, as always, very special. We thoroughly enjoyed them.

This summer Sherilyn directed VBS for the first time, and we had a very good outreach experience with the children of our town. Sherilyn and I both learned a lot and we are looking forward to an even better one next year.

The following week, we worked several days at the Sullivan county fair with a Christian ministry that specializes in evangelizing in this way. They have a display with three doors reading "Three things God Cannot Do," which leads into an explanation of the gospel. We talked with hundreds of people, and I had the privilege of leading four people to the Lord. What an joy this was!

The last part of that week, we went to Iowa for a few days to visit with my son Scot and his family. We had not seen them for a year and were surprised to see how much the three grandchildren had grown. Needless to say, we had a terrific time in spite of the shortness of the visit.

Sometime during the summer we were also able to have a church picnic and ice cream social at our house.

We finished off the summer going to Pennsylvania for a week with our friends, the Attos. (They are the ones who help us by housing and helping us every time we make a trip to Puerto Rico.) The primary purpose of the trip was to view two "Sight and Sound" shows. We saw "Psalms of David", and "Joseph." If you've never before seen one of these dramatic productions, you are truly missing something special.

While in Pennsylvania, we also went to Gettysburg and to Hershey. The twenty-three acre garden in Hershey was beautiful, and the rose gardens were unbelievable. We also went to Chocolate Town and visited with Sherilyn's sister, Diane, and part of her family for a few hours that day. It was Sherilyn's first chance to see one of her great-nieces, and we truly enjoyed it, not to mention seeing all the adults.

Christian Mission News August-September 2010
Time Left for Work

We did all of this and still had time to volunteer for a few electrical projects here in Sullivan and also found time to do a good bit of fishing.

I was able to take Sherilyn at least once a week, and she is beginning to catch a lot of fish. I haven't been able to get her to clean them yet, but she does seem to enjoy eating them.

Thus we come to the end of a very busy summer. We are already preparing for our next trip this fall. In the next week or two, I will write about what is coming up this fall and more of the details about the trip we're planning.

The Lord has worked out a lot of wonderful things, and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you as soon as we finalize a few details.

Christian Mission News August-September 2010
Upcoming Plans

At this point, suffice it to say, that we plan to be leaving for Florida again around the middle of October, we have tickets to fly to Puerto Rico on the 26th, and we'll be gone until the 2nd of December. (That date is when we return from Puerto Rico, not when we'll get home.)

So, as you can imagine, we have a lot to get done in this next month. We'd appreciate your prayers for the Lord's enabling as we try to accomplish them.

We trust we'll be sending another letter out before we leave with many more details.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

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