Home Again and Recovering!

That is the shortest way to give you a summary of our latest trip. If you're wondering what we're recovering from, there are several answers.

Dennis always works so hard that it takes him a couple of weeks to recover from these trips, and Sherilyn is recovering from the cold she came down with the last week in Puerto Rico.

By the time we left Florida for home the cold had turned into a case of laryngitis that left her with no voice for three or four days. Dennis also picked up the virus from her, or someone, and he ran a fever for the whole first week we were home.

Needless to say, we are happy to be home, but thankful that we were able to take the trip.

We're also very thankful for our friends in Florida, the Attos, who took us to the airport, kept our car while we were gone, provided a place to rest for the weekend before we started home, and encouraged us with wonderful Christian fellowship both before and after the trip.

Dennis was able to work in three churches while we were gone. Rather than giving all the details here, we have written a complete page on the website giving you all of them entitled, Feburuary-March 2009 Puerto Rican Mission Trip. Click here to read it now.

Prayer Requests for Mayaguez' Needs

There are several things that are still needed for the project we were working on the last two weeks in Mayaguez. The largest of these is a transformer, but there are many smaller items as well.

I was going to include them in this letter, but I think it would be better, and have the potential for reaching more people, if I put that in a page on the web site as well. However that is one of our biggest prayer requests.

Although we find ourselves in the midst of a recession, God still owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the wealth in every mine. We have no idea how He can do it, but we know that He can, and in His time, He will provide for the needs of this ministry.

We also know that as we are involved in seeing this happen, we will receive the blessings from watching Him work and provide. Please pray with us, and we will be faithful to share with you, so that we can rejoice together in the Lord's provision.

Tentative Plans for 2009

We already know of several opportunities for ministry later on this year. The missionary we worked with in Ecuador last October has mentioned he would like us to come back this summer to do the electrical work on the second floor of their building.

There is a ministry in Cayman Brac that was seriously damaged by a hurricane last year. We are hoping to be able to go sometime this year, and help the missionary there rebuild.

Finally, if possible, we would like to be able to return to Puerto Rico in October or November of this year to continue with the construction project in Mayaguez.

These are the three opportunities we are currently aware of. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide the finances, health, and strength that we'll need to be able to accomplish these goals. We know that without Him we can do nothing. And anything we accomplish in our own strength would be of no eternal value anyway.

You're Still Appreciated!

Thank you for your prayers and interest in our work and ministry. It is a privilege to serve the Lord in spite of the difficulties.

If you never send financial support but you pray for us regularly, you may be sure that the Lord will provide. He always does. Only eternity will reveal just how important prayer support truly is, but I'm convinced it is fully as important as financial support.

For those whom the Lord burdens to support us financially, you can send contributions to our home church, Central Baptist Church. The information is listed below.

Simply mark on the check that it is for our mission work, and they will get it to us, and send you a receipt for a tax exempt charitable contribution.

However you support us, we want to be faithful in letting you know that we appreciate it. We are laborers together with Him. Thank you for your part in enabling our ministry for Him.

Electrifying for Eternal Value,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

Sending Church:
Central Baptist Church
2422 N. Thompson Drive
Sullivan, IN 47882

They accept tax deductible contributions for us.