February 2012 Spring Trip
Mission Accomplished

Greetings from the Thompsons.

I'm writing three days before departing on our February 2012 Spring Trip. This mission trip will bring closure to the electrical project Dennis and I have been working to complete for the past six years, as we go to participate in the dedication of the new building for "Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida" in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

If this prayer letter is slightly shorter than usual, please understand it is only one of so many things that need to be done in these last few days, that it will have to be balanced with other demands.

We plan to leave right after the Sunday morning service on February 5th for our trip to Florida. We'll be staying with my Aunt Marilyn once we get there on Monday until Wednesday afternoon.

Then we'll drive down to a hotel close to the Miami airport in preparation for our trip to Puerto Rico on February 9th.

We'll be sharing with the people of the "New Life Baptist Church" (Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida) in their dedicatory celebration through Sunday the 12th, Lord willing.

February 2012 Spring Trip
New Beginnings

Then Monday evening the 13th we will fly from Puerto Rico on to Antigua, to survey the mission work done by BIMI (Baptist International Missions Incorporated) on that island, and see if there are ways we could be instrumental in the ministry of the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse located there. Of course, we'll also be visiting local churches and looking for opportunities for ministry in them as well.

We've never been to Antigua before, so this will definitely be a new experience. But I do have a sister who has visited on a cruise who says it is a beautiful island. Additionally, we've seen pictures on the internet, and they also show it is a beautiful place.

So we're looking forward to the visit from a physical standpoint, since February in Indiana is definitely NOT the most beautiful time of the year. But more importantly we're looking forward to checking out the opportunities for further service to the Lord available there.

We returned about two weeks ago from a trip to BIMI (Baptist International Missions Incorporated) headquarters, where we met with two different directors to explore future ministry opportunities.

They immediately suggested the works in Antigua, and another in Nicaragua, as possibilities we should check out. So we're taking this trip to Antigua as the first exploratory trip, and planning one in the fall to Nicaragua, Lord willing, to explore that ministry as well.

Although we have an overabundance of activities to accomplish during these last few days, we did want to make the time to communicate with those of you who know us, and support our ministry, both so you'll be informed, and because we believe you all share in our ministry through prayer.

February 2012 Spring Trip
Prayer Needs

We share our prayer needs with you because we know God hears and answers prayer...

We know everyone is busy... as a matter of fact busyness is probably one of the curses of the information age, but we hope you will pray with us about these needs:

  1. Please pray with us for clear direction regarding the Lord's will for our future service.

    We are currently attending what could easily be considered a "home mission work" in Sullivan, Indiana, where we live.

    We don't want to abandon this work if it is where the Lord wants us, but neither do we want to hinder it by staying here, if the Lord wants us somewhere else.

  2. Pray for our home church while we are gone. We both teach Sunday School, Dennis is the only deacon, and I'm the organist as well as assistant pianist. We have another lady who can back up the pianist now, but there won't be an organist while we're gone.Our church is very small, and everyone working is needed.

    My Dad is pastor, and this past year the Lord has sent another couple to work with him, for which we're very thankful, since Dad has already passed his eightieth birthday.

    Please pray with us if the Lord does intend to take us elsewhere, that he will provide people here to replace us. As I suspect the leadership now, doesn't see how they could continue the work, without our participation.

  3. Please pray for safety as we travel. Each trip we make, we usually travel close to 2,500 miles by car in addition to the miles we fly, so there is plenty of opportunity for dangers and difficulties.

  4. Please pray the Lord will use us to bless those with whom we have contact while we're gone, and show us clearly what ministries he'd have us participating in while there.

  5. Please pray the Lord will provide our financial needs as well.

    In the years we've been on a "fixed income" we've seen the buying power of that income drop by at least 30%, and that trend seems to be accelerating.

    Humanly speaking this makes the financial outlook very bleak, so we're thankful we're serving the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and the wealth in every mine.

    We have no doubt He will provide for those things He wants us to do, but we know his provision is frequently linked to the prayers of those who know and love him. So we deeply appreciate your partnership with us through prayer.

February 2012 Spring Trip

Thank you all for your prayers and financial support. We know the Lord intends our ministry to be a partnership with those whom He calls to support us. Although we don't need the amount of financial support that many missionaries do, we definitely do need fully as much, if not more, prayer support. Since we're both able to be well enough to travel and minister in this capacity only by God's grace, and in answer to prayer.

If you want to follow along with us on the trip, don't forget to look for new pages on our web site www.electrifying-mission-trips.org since that is where we'll be posting all the details of the trip as well as the slide shows of our experiences. If you don't "do computers", I'm sure one of your kids or grand kids would be more than happy to help you find our website, if you ask nicely enough! (ha! ha!)

By the time we write another letter, we'll probably be back home, but we'll be sure to let you know the highlights of the trip then, as well.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

Sending Church:
Central Baptist Church
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Sullivan, IN 47882

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