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Tales of Thompsons' Trips Issue #30 God’s Faithfulness October 2014
October 28, 2014

God’s faithfulness in trials, tribulations, and uncertainties is the overriding theme of this letter. It was actually written at the end of September or the very beginning of October, a day or two before I came down with a nasty flu that kept me in bed, for almost a full week. As I was beginning to recover, Dennis came down with the same thing.

No sooner had we half recuperated from the flu, then we were forcefully occupied the next week with getting Dennis’ tools out of customs and then managing to get his truck released from customs and temporarily licensed to drive for a month. Although I know it is hard to believe, those two items of business did keep us occupied practically every waking minute for a full week.

Then this past week, we’ve been occupied trying to make decisions about where we’d live long term. However, I did intend to have this letter written and published this past Tuesday…

Only to discover the notebook it was written in had been left in a house we’d considered renting. We’ve managed to get it back, but that took another full day.

Then we were occupied with a trip to Matagalpa to look at another possible ministry opportunity the end of the week, so I apologize for not getting this done sooner, but those trials, tribulations, and uncertainties continue to multiply!

Trials, Tribulations, Uncertainties...

These are the things we as Christians must deal with daily when we are dealing with the world. We should realize that the world is not our friend, although I have over the years dealt with many unsaved men and women who’ve had good character and integrity. As a rule, though, I must say when dealing with the ungodly I have learned to appreciate my Dad’s saying “He who expects little, won’t be deceived.”

The truly wonderful thing I have experienced though is even in our most troubling times, our Lord Jesus will not let us down. He never tempts us, but he will at times let our faith be tried. But even then He is working in our lives in ways we may not see, or understand. He is always working for our good and building our faith.

Experience can be, and is, a great teacher. If we learn from what God allows in our lives both good and bad, we will mature in the Lord, and we will be better Christians and better people.

God’s Faithfulness in Trials, Tribulations, and Uncertainties

The last few months I can only say that we have had our faith, patience, and character challenged in ways we have never had to deal with before. We have frequently had to face situations that are truly irritating. We have been misled at best, and we suspect in many cases, down right lied to. As we analyze our situation we realize some of it may be cultural, but an even bigger part we honestly believe is Satanic in origen.

We could spend hours telling you about all the things we’ve experienced that normally haven’t happened in our lives, but that wouldn’t edify you or us.

However, I’ll summarize by saying that we’ve been told to come pick up our residency visas four times, only to be given yet another piece of paper and another date in the future that we’ll “supposedly” receive them. The next appointment is October 29th, but only the Lord can actually grant us the Visas on that day and not another piece of paper with a still future appointment.

Please pray the Lord will intervene and we’ll receive the Visas then since every time it is postponed it costs us more money, and postpones our getting our belongings to further in the future.

Speaking of getting those belongings, the latest approximation from customs as to the earliest that might happen is now November 20th.

The first date given was the first week of October, then it changed to the third week of that month, and now it will be at least the 20th of November.

We can only pray that nothing will be entirely ruined by the animals that seem to roam the warehouse, stolen by someone who has access there, or damaged by the lack of climate control.

We spent a fairly large chunk of money to put a system on the piano to maintain the right amount of humidity, but that can’t be used while it is crated in the warehouse.

Nothing we’d read, or been told, suggested that it would be over four months from the time we shipped our things until we’d have them again, but unless the Lord intervenes miraculously, it appears that will be the case.

God’s Faithfulness in the Continuing Saga

It has been over two weeks since I last had time to write anything. Sherilyn briefly explained why in the introduction, but let me share a few more details.

Right after I last wrote Sherilyn came down with something like the flu and was badly sick for five days. Three days after she got sick, I got the same thing. That was over a week ago and we still haven’t totally recovered. Our appetites are still off a little as well as our taste. Additionally we’re still a little weak from it and get tired more easily than usual. But we are definitely much better than we were.

We are still fighting many battles trying to get settled in, and hopefully we’ll make more progress by the end of the month. Nonetheless, we have managed to get a few things accomplished since we last wrote.

We were able to get my tools out of customs and moved to where we are staying. Although I paid around 30% in import taxes it only cost me $402 since customs put a very low value on each tool. We are very grateful and thank the Lord for his blessing with this.

As it happened we had to pay an extra $100 for a truck to move the tools as well, because we found out that we needed to drive four hours to the port the following day to get my truck out of customs. If we could have waited until the following day, we had friends who would have helped us move them, but that definitely wasn’t possible.

It was Wednesday when we drove to Port Corinth to get my truck. It ended up being an 18 and a half hour day, and cost us $500 in expenses plus $1,500 in taxes on the truck itself, but when we arrived home that evening we had the truck with us.

We thought that was a very difficult experience, but the lady from the customs house informed Sherilyn on the way home that she couldn’t believe how well things had gone for us that we’d actually been able to get the truck in only one day. She said it usually took at least three days to accomplish that feat! We thank the Lord for his blessing.

Thursday we started the process of getting it registered with the police department so that we could actually drive it. That involved another 12 hours of time, and necessitated going through 15 different steps in order to get a 30 day temporary registration!

We can’t get a permanent registration without our residency visas, so we can only pray we’ll actually be able to get them on the 29th, which is that current “promise”. The registration cost another $120 dollars.

If the visas aren’t given, we’ll have to seek another temporary registration, which we don’t know if they’ll grant, or park the truck if they won’t and rent another car. It cost us $962 for the last month we had the car rented, so needless to say, we don’t want to have to rent again. Although time consuming, it is much more economical to register the truck again, if it is allowed.

God’s Faithfulness in Daily Living Arrangements

The Lord has given us a nice place to stay while we’re going through the process of settling here in Nicaragua. We have a three bedroom, three bath house with plenty of space. However, there are three major problems
  1. Our telephone reception is very poor. Many times we have no service at all.
  2. We have no internet where we’re living. To communicate with family and friends in the States and to conduct at least half of our business affairs we need an internet connection, so we make almost daily trips to a restaurant in town that offers free wifi service with their meals. This is one of our largest expenses.
  3. We have very little furniture, and what we do have is not really comfortable at all. We have most of our belongings that filled a forty foot container with nice furniture that we find very comfortable sitting in a customs warehouse, but until we can get it out, it does us no good.

Please pray with us that the Lord will see fit to enable us to determine for sure where he wants us to settle here, and to get our things and actually finish the moving process we’ve been in most of this year.

May God’s Faithfulness Inspire Us to Faithfulness as Well

Dennis has written most of this letter, but I (Sherilyn) always type them, and it is difficult not to add my “two cents worth” during that process. For example I added the introduction to this letter, and a few other details as I typed. But I’d also like to add a few thoughts in conclusion.

This move to Nicaragua has been very difficult for both of us. We are so far beyond our comfort zone that had we done this for any reason other than believing it to be God’s will, we would probably have already given up, and gone back to the States.

I admit I’ve done some feeling sorry for myself, but then I’ve been reminded by the Holy Spirit that the Lord left his home for 33 years to provide salvation for me, and I’m sure heaven is far better than even the lake in Sullivan. So, I’ve realized anew that since He’s been so faithful to me, I want to be faithful to Him as well.

We don’t know why the Lord has allowed, and is allowing, the difficulties we’re experiencing, but we do know that He is a good God, and His ways are perfect. So we are trusting that He will work these things out in His time, for our good and His glory.

We want to be faithful to glorify Him during the process. Please pray with us that by His Spirit he will enable us to accomplish that goal.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

P.S. Please note, our sending church's address has changed to the new Pastor's, since we don't actually get mail at the church.

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