Today is Sunday the first of February. After this morning's church service, I am sitting here in our family room, on the fifth day after the snow storm we had last Tuesday night. I am enjoying the beautiful scenery of the snow which is still 12 inches deep. It was between 14 and 16 inches when it first fell. I am seeing what looks like millions of tiny ice crystals that sparkle like diamonds, and I'm reminded that what I am looking at is God's handiwork. Oh what a blessing! Then I remember that in less than a week we will be in Puerto Rico and enjoying another, but totally different type of beauty.

As I contemplate the coming week of preparing for our next mission trip, we will be driving to Florida on Wednesday or Thursday to spend a few days with our good friends, the Attos, in Fort Meyers. Then we will fly out of Fort Lauderdale to Puerto Rico. This trip will be at least six weeks long with a full month in Puerto Rico.

We'll Help Two Churches, Lord Willing.

At the first, we will be building classrooms for a church in Aguadilla. This is the church Sherilyn worked with the last time she was in Puerto Rico full time as a missionary.

Then we will be back in Mayaguez, at the same church we were in before, where we will work on trying to get the building ready so the church will be able to use their new sanctuary.

The special project this time will be the lights and receptacles on the platform and in the pulpit area.

Y' all are Greatly Appreciated

Sherilyn and I would like to thank you for your prayers for us as we start out third year of mission trips. We truly believe in the power of prayer. It is fully as important as financial support, because as God's people pray, the Lord moves those who can help financially to do so. But as importantly, and perhaps more so, He empowers us to accomplish His purposes through these trips, He removes obstacles that to us would be insurmountable, and He opens doors that would otherwise remain firmly shut.

For those who have helped supply part of our financial needs, we are extremely thankful. Without your support we would be severely limited in our ability to serve others. We are humbled by your generosity, and God's unending and always faithful provision.

We believe that we are partners together in this work. As you pray and give, we believe you are investing with us in eternal treasures. You will share with us in the rewards for all that we are able to accomplish for the Lord on these trips.

Final Prayer Request - Building of New Website

In connection with our new approach to communicating with those who are Internet savvy via email, we are putting up a new web site. Currently we only have the home page up, but we trust that in the future we will be able to have at least a page for each trip we take. In addition we hope to provide useful and inspirational material for others who might consider traveling or working in missions as we've been privileged to do.

We also hope to be able to put slide shows on the web that will cover each of the trips we've taken. We would love to travel to different churches and visit with you all personally, but while we are here in the states we are committed to helping with Central Baptist Church of Sullivan, Indiana, our home church. This church has only been in existence for less than ten years, and it has not been fast growing. So our presence and support is needed when we are here. Sherilyn helps with the music, nursery, and children's Sunday School classes, and I am a deacon and teach the adult Sunday School class. Being away is our greatest difficulty with the short term mission trips, but we couldn't be gone more then that at this time.

By putting our slide shows on our web site, we hope you'll be able to see them at your convenience and still be as informed about our ministry as though we had visited your churches.

Please pray with us about this, however, since neither of us are computer experts. Putting up the site will definitely be a learning experience, not to mention a major time commitment. The web address is We hope you like it.

I must close and move on to other trip preparations.

In His Service

Dennis and Sherilyn(Nutting)Thompson

Sending Church:
Central Baptist Church
2422 N. Thompson Drive
Sullivan, IN 47882

They will accept tax deductible contributions for us.