Home for the Holidays -What A Blessing!

Once again I'm sitting in my lazy boy with my feet up, truly grateful to be sitting in a comfortable chair. Sherilyn and I have just returned from a six weeks trip that took us to South Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Two thirds of the trip was spent in Puerto Rico.

I suppose most people who travel much in missions would agree that very few places you go, are as comfortable as your own home, and especially your own bed.

This trip was rather unique for us because we spent a week in South Carolina before going to Florida for three days, and then finally heading to Puerto Rico.

We were able to visit with friends and family whom we hadn't seen, or visited, for quite a few years, before we actually arrived on the mission field.

Unexpected Blessings

I'm always amazed at how the Lord's timing provides us with blessings when we least expect them!

On Sunday night, of our week in South Carolina, we went to Hampton Park Baptist Church in town for the evening service. We were sitting with the Panosians, close family friends of Sherilyn.

Just after the service started we noticed Pastor Gray Sprunger and his wife Joy come in. They were seated one row in front of us! This was a great surprise since it was because of Pastor Sprunger we were making this trip, but we had no idea he would be in South Carolina while we were there. We were able to have a good visit with them as well. We found out he was there due to Bob Jones' missionary emphasis week.

We visited Bob Jones campus a couple of days during the week to see friends, acquaintances, and Sherilyn's niece who is currently a student there. While on campus we were also able to peruse some of the missionary exhibits during our free time.

New Travel Record Set -

This trip also set a new record for us when it comes to actual days spent traveling.

It is a record I hope we don't ever repeat again!

In all, we spent the majority of eight days during the trip actually traveling from one place to another.

Work News

We did work on two different churches again this trip. We spent the majority of time in Mayaguez, as usual.

But we also spent a week with Pastor Steve Buchanan in Aguadilla. I won't bore you with a list of all the things I did while there, but I can assure you he kept me very busy. I was able to finish the list, but it took more than the full week.

I had to come back one more afternoon to rework the sign over the front entrance. It was a real challenge! After that work... I must admit, I suggested to Pastor Buchanan that his church's electrical system might be demon possessed... It seemed to fight me every step of the way! Not surprisingly, he was inclined to agree with me.

In Mayaguez, we were able to do a lot of work, but we still have a lot of loose ends to complete, as well as some major projects that need to be finished.

The most important project is still the power supply for the building. I am not sure how it's going to work out, but we may have come up with a way to cut the cost of the installation considerably. Please pray it will work out. If it does, it will be the largest step yet, toward the occupancy of the building.

Then there are still other things that need to be finished such as...

  • a sound system,
  • emergency lights,
  • exit lights,
  • a small elevator to take the elderly to the second floor sanctuary,
  • and handrails for the stairways.

    I realize it sounds like a lot of work, and even more money, to complete this project. I don't deny it. But if you knew the people and the possibilities for the use of this building, I'm sure you'd agree with me... It is really worth the effort.

    So please pray with us that the Lord will provide the workers, materials, and finances to complete this building.

    Further Prayer Requests

    Please pray for the following needs in addition to the work related issues given above:
  • Sherilyn's brother in law is scheduled for a heart ablation to correct an arrhythmia problem on December 15th.
  • pray for the son of some close family friends, whose appendix burst the week we were in South Carolina. We had planned to visit with them, but the visit had to be canceled due to his illness.
  • one of my former co-workers has suffered a serious stroke and is in the hospital in Indianapolis
  • the husband of a close friend in Terre Haute has a ruptured appendix.
  • Pray especially for the salvation of these two previous men. As far as we know neither of them know the Lord.
  • Finally, a retired pastor in the area was in a serious car accident yesterday and was life-lined to a hospital in Indianapolis. Pray for God's will in his life, and for grace and strength for his family.

    Concluding Thoughts

    We spent two months in Puerto Rico this year. I can assure you that we received as many blessings as we gave.

    For all of you who have prayed for us and the work God has given us to do, we are truly grateful. For those who have so generously helped us with finances toward the trips, we are truly humbled by your generosity. We trust and pray the Lord will bless you all.

    I realize this letter is a little longer than I had intended, but I'd like to share one last thing. God willing we intend to see the building in Mayaguez completed unless He closes the door.

    With that understanding, if all goes well, we hope to go back to Puerto Rico early next year, if the churches there are ready for us and God enables us to go.

    In the meantime, as you all know, there is no place like home for the holidays! We thank the Lord we can enjoy them at home again this year.

    Once again, thanks for your continued interest and support for our ministry. We trust you enjoyed Thanksgiving, that you'll have a joyful and blessed Christmas, and a fruitful New Year.

    Electrifying for Eternity,

    Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

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