The More I hurry, the More Behind I Get!

Greetings to you as you take time to read this update, and to those who remember us in prayer.

Once again a month has come and gone, and we still find ourselves about a month behind in everything we need to do.

June Activities

We started the month with a day in Indianapolis attending the Indiana Baptist Fellowship meeting. It was a very good day. We left that meeting around mid afternoon and went over to Dayton, Ohio to pick up our three nieces and a nephew so we could take them to family camp at Northland Baptist College for a week.

Although we had to leave a day early to be back for the funeral of a close family friend, we still had a very good time while we were at camp. Additionally, we were able to buy a CD of the preaching sessions, so we didn't have to miss them.

After the funeral we had a couple of days to take care of everyday chores around the house. We were able to wash all the clothes and mow six yards that needed to be cut. We mowed our two lawns, the church's, my father in law's, (He was traveling to Philadelphia for a grandchild's high school graduation.) and two of our neighbors'.

Then it was off to Ohio to take the nieces and nephew back home. We spent a few days there visiting Sherilyn's sister and her husband. It is always a treat to visit with them even though they lead incredibly active lives. Phil pastors a church in Gallipolis, Ohio. They have five children, and Lorraine, Sherilyn's sister, is starting a business selling fresh roasted gourmet coffee.

They always have a fresh pot on hand, and I have never drunk any better. At the end of the week, we came home in time for the Sunday services here, since Dad was out of town.

We had a couple of weeks at home toward the end of the month. During that time I've been helping my new neighbor do a little remodeling of his house before he moves in. That has taken about three days time.

No sooner had I finished that, then it was time to start getting ready for the 4th of July picnic we always have at our house.

Annual July 4th Picnic

This year due to several unavoidable circumstances we were down in numbers. There were work schedule conflicts, sicknesses, and Arv Workman's death that affected the numbers we had thought would attend.

We ended up only having twenty people (a new record low). As usual, God knew what He was doing since it rained all day, necessitating a move inside. Had we had as many as we had thought might come, the house would have been overloaded.

This picnic has been a family tradition for the past thirty-five years. We started it with Arv Workman and his family way back then, and have had as many as sixty-five people show up some years, but with Arv going home to be with the Lord, it was particularly difficult for all of us who knew and loved him this year.

We might have settled in to a regular routine, but Monday after the fourth Sherilyn's sister arrived with her family for a couple of days visit with her folks. We had a great time with them and their children, the older boys actually slept at our house, since there isn't really room for them all to sleep comfortably over at her folks.

We even got in a full morning of fishing! The following fish dinner was a success as well. I watched a platter of forty fish disappear in a very short time. There are times when living on a lake is a real blessing, and we are thankful that God has given us this opportunity.

The Next Act

We had expected that after the fourth we could find a routine for the summer and life would return to "normal". But a day or two before the 4th, my son in Iowa called and asked if we would like to have two of our grandchildren visit for a while.

Since we haven't seen them for a year, we were truly grateful and hoping they could stay a few weeks, but because of previous commitments like doctor's appointments and eye exams, we were only going to be able to have them for one week. There are times when we have to be grateful for whatever time we have, even if it seems too short.

We were to have two days between the time Sherilyn's sister left, and when we had to head for Iowa to pick up the grand kids.

However, Wednesday night, after prayer meeting, my son called again and told us that my oldest grandson, Ramsay, is running a fever and has been diagnosed with mononucleosis.

Not surprisingly, that has changed our plans once again. His mother wants him home while he is sick, and he is feeling badly enough that he doesn't want to go anywhere either.

Please pray with us that he will recover quickly and completely. Also pray that we will be able to adjust to this latest change in plans. Needless to say, we are very disappointed!

All in all, we have had a very full, and some what hectic summer, although there have been a lot of enjoyable times as well.

Future Mission Plans

We continue to wait for our next mission trip to develop. As of now, the only semi-permanent plans we have, is to be back in Puerto Rico in the fall. At this point we think it will be in October, or November.

Sometimes it is hard to wait for the Lord to open the door for us to go, but it is always best when He does.

As you can see from this letter, He always seems to give us something to fill our time...

We're even hoping we might still get to see those grand kids sometime before the summer is over.

Who could ask for more?

Electrifying for Eternal Value,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

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