July-August 2011
Simply Trusting

Greetings from the Thompsons. I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones well blessed in the Lord. I have had the privilege of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ for about forty-five years of my life.

It has been an interesting life for me, filled with trials, temptations, failures, and victories. Even though I haven't always won the battles, I am sure of one thing...

It was not the Lord's fault! Any failure was mine.

I am also aware that even through my worst times Jesus was always with me, and although I haven't always been faithful to His will, He has always been there to instruct, reinforce, correct, and sometimes even discipline me when I needed it the most.

My life has been a good one, and God has truly blessed.

July-August 2011
Reflections on the Recent Past

There are times when we need to slow down and back off, and wait for God's direction. Sherilyn and I have been in one of those times the last three or four months now.

Most, if not all of you, probably know by now that I have had some medical problems. I wish I could say that I am completely well, and back to where I was before it all started.

But, I regret to say that is not the true story. At this time, I am probably only at 50% of where I was before the operation and bout with MRSA. Will, I ever get back to 100%? I don't know, only God does.

In the mean time we are still praying for the Lord's leadership and are starting to plan ahead.

We are trying to pick up where we left off our lives in April, and continue on...

July-August 2011
Current Events

I am writing this letter from Northland Baptist Camp and Conference Center in Wisconsin. We are enjoying the family Camp that was planned for the first of June, but had to be postponed due to my illness.

We have Sherilyn's three nieces and one nephew with us. That is the first step in re-starting our normal schedule. We will have to get them back to Ohio the first of next week before we can start our next project.

Hopefully we have two further events to reschedule. The first is to visit my son in Iowa, whom I haven't seen since the operation. To tell you the truth, I don't remember much of that time together, although I do know he was there.

The second is to reschedule our trip to Puerto Rico to work on the Church in Mayaguez. Depending on my breathing ability and stamina, this may be sometime the last of September or the first of October.

We still have a lot to work out before we can confirm this trip.

July-August 2011
Future Plans

I'm sure the church can really use the help at this time, since they are finally trying to get the permanent occupancy of the building. Although there are several small projects to complete, most of the major ones can be done during our next trip, if all goes well.

The major projects we have planned are:

  1. To cut over the new electrical panels to the permanent power supply.
  2. To install the fire alarm system
  3. To install the exhaust fans for the bathrooms

If we can complete these things, we still have several minor projects to get done, but they can be done later, if need be.

July-August 2011
God's Comfort and Conclusions

We are praying that God will give us the strength and ability to get these things accomplished so the building can be dedicated in February next year.

We are thankful for God's comfort and grace that has brought us through these past trials and is enabling us to plan for the future as He continues to give us health and strength to serve Him.

We continually need the support of your prayers if this is to be done. We thank you all for remembering us and are truly grateful for your support.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

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