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Tales of Thompsons' Trips Issue #24 May 2013 Puerto Rican Preparations
May 29, 2013

May 2013
Latest Changes

May 2013 continues to remind us if there is one constant in our earthly lives, it is change. These past two months have been full of it.

When I last wrote, we were in the midst of a lifestyle change program called CHIP (Coronary Heart Intervention Program). We've now finished that obligation, and we're happy to have the two extra nights freed up in our schedule. The program recommends an entirely Vegan diet. For those not familiar with that term, that means eating only plants with no meat and no dairy products at all. They also recommend less than 10% fat in your diet from all sources.

Needless to say, that was a major lifestyle adjustment, and neither of us believe it is compatible with our normal schedule, especially because of the trips we regularly make.

However, please pray the Lord will give us wisdom to find the best balance in our lives that will not damage our health, nor our service for Him.

One definite plus from the program was I learned enough to understand it would be possible to eat that way if we didn't do much traveling. This diet has also been recommended to us for cancer prevention, but until the CHIP training, I couldn't imagine how in the world we could eat like that long term. Now I can see it could be done, although I'm still not convinced of its health benefits.

Another major change during the past two months is my Dad's final retirement. He retired to come down to Sullivan to live, but when we weren't able to find a good church in the town we decided the Lord would have us start one.

He has been faithfully serving as pastor at that church ever since. But he is now in his eighties, and has been having serious eye problems this past year, so he finally decided it was time to retire for good.

The Lord provided us with an assistant pastor about a year and a half ago, so the last of April we officially called him to be our new pastor. His name is David Simpson.

Please pray for him since he will work a full time job in addition serving as pastor for the church because we still aren't large enough to support a pastor full time. Dad was living on his retirement income to make ends meet.

Although we didn't make an overseas mission trip this spring, we made three here in the states instead. The first two were to Ohio to help the Walkers get into their new home.

We think we've finished that one. In all, we spent about 3 and a half weeks in two different trips on this project.

We took the third trip last week to Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia where Dennis helped rebuild a double wide trailer that was almost falling down around the retired missionaries who live there.

They had to replace three floors, one complete bathroom, all of the roof, and half of the siding on the front of the trailer during the four days they were there. We did this trip with Mike and Sue Weiss from Shepherd's Bethel Missionary Homes.

Sue and I fed the men and did some spring cleaning on the trailer since the lady who lives there hadn't been able to keep up with it.

There were six men and two ladies working in all, and I think our shortest day was around twelve hours. We came home completely worn out.

A final change during these months is moving from tentative to definite plans for our upcoming return trip to Nicaragua. We now have tickets, car rental reservations, and an apartment rented close to where we're considering relocating. Plans are to leave the 30th of September, and return the 29th of October.

Please pray the Lord will give us wisdom about all the details. At the current time it looks like the taxes and fees to rent the car, plus the insurances will cost us about three times as much as the actual fee to rent the car. It would be wonderful if we could find a way to lower those costs.

May 2013
Preparing for Puerto Rico Again

I'm writing the week-end before Memorial Day because next week will be spent with last minute preparations for our trip to Puerto Rico.

Our plans are to pick up two of our grandchildren on Saturday morning June first and drive with them to Gallipolis, Ohio where we'll help our neice and nephew celebrate their high school graduations on Sunday afternoon.

After their open house, we'll be driving to Columbus where we'll spend Sunday night before leaving for Puerto Rico on Monday. We'll be staying in Aguadilla at the missionary apartment Iglesia Bautista Berea maintains there for work teams.

Please pray this will be a time of blessing for all involved, as well as a time of enjoyment. Of course, we want the young people to have a good time, but more importantly we want them to understand what mission work is all about, and why we make the investment of time and resources to do the things we've been doing.

We don't yet have any major work projects lined up for this trip, but we do hope to show them the work that was accomplished on previous trips, and help with anything that needs attention while we are there. Additionally, we know the fire alarm system hasn't been working quite right in Mayaguez, so Dennis is planning to check that out.

May 2013
Looking Forward

After returning from Puerto Rico we'll have two weeks to catch up on work around here, and do a few Doctor's appointments before leaving for family camp the first week of July.

After family camp, we'll have a break for the rest of the summer until time to head for Nicaragua around the middle of September, but during that time we know there will be at least one more trip to Iowa, to see Dennis' middle son, and the grandchildren who aren't going with us to Puerto Rico.

Lord willing, our final trip for the year will be the one to Nicaragua in mid fall. Hopefully this year we can be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. At least, that is the plan at this time, but I wouldn't be surprised if those plans changed between now and then.

May 2013
Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for Bob Dayton. We were able to have supper with the Central American director of BIMI while in Georgia, since Fort Oglethorpe is actually a suburb of Chattanooga.

He told us that Bob almost died from the infection in his knee, and has been in the hospital ever since because they had to remove the knee and couldn't replace it until the infection was gone. He thought they were going to put it back in the next day, but we've heard nothing more since.

He will need continued prayers for many months until the first knee heals, and he is able to have the second knee replaced as well.

Joan Whiteheart is still battling cancer. She is officially retired now, but her heart is still in Puerto Rico, so please pray for her health and that the Lord would give her peace with His plan for her life.

Please continue to pray that the Lord will give us clear direction regarding His plan for our future. There are 192 churches in Nicaragua who've built, or are planning to build in the near future. Since there are no electrical codes there, many do not have appropriate, nor adequate lighting. Dennis's abilities are greatly needed.

We've been asked to consider relocating there permanently so we can assist them. As we return in October, we're asking the Lord to clearly show us His will about this. We truly need all the prayer support we can get about this matter, and if the Lord should lead us there, we'll need lots of prayer as we commit to making that happen.

Finally, please continue to remember our country, its leadership, and the direction it is headed.

I believe we all need to be praying that the Lord will send revival. I suspect if He does not, we may soon be facing the same persecution believers have faced, and are facing, in communist and Muslim countries today.

But whatever the Lord allows, we can still rejoice in knowing we're more than conquerors through Christ.

May 2013

If you've contacted us with inquiries regarding missionary service, please remember we are not a mission board, and cannot help with these types of requests. We are simply individuals who've chosen to invest our disposable income in mission work, instead of placing it in temporal investments.

Thank you for your prayers, concern, and interest in our ministry. We believe you'll have a part with us in any eternal rewards we may be earning, since only by the power of the Holy Spirit can we be effective in serving the Lord.

May His richest blessings be on us all, as we serve Him together.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

P.S. Please note, our sending church's address will be changing to the new Pastor's next month since we don't actually get mail at the church.

Sending Church:
Central Baptist Church
2422 N. Thompson Drive
Sullivan, IN 47882

They accept tax deductible contributions for us.

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