Memorial Day Reflections

I don't know how many Memorial-Day-Reflections are on the internet, but today is May 23rd, and I am told this is Memorial Day weekend. The 25th of May seems a little early to me, but no one asked me to set the date. I personally preferred the original date, but times definitely are changing.

As I pause to think of Memorial Day, I remember relatives that served in the armed forces of our country and the sacrifices they made, some physical and some mental. I truly am thankful.

There is a verse of Scripture that says " whom much is given, much shall be required." I really believe their sacrifices are some of the major reasons why our country has been so blessed in the past.

Memorial Day gives us a chance to publicly express our appreciation, both to God and to those who've served.

Sadly that usually wasn't done in the mid sixties and early seventies.

I was one of those chosen to serve in the military during those years, and I can assure you, I was one who was not much appreciated!

I can remember being refused service at a restaurant in Washington, D.C. just because I was in uniform. I can remember college students spitting on me because I was in uniform, in Detroit, Michigan after serving on a funeral detail to bury a soldier killed in action. Those were difficult times.

But times do change, although not always for the better, I'm afraid. However, I do believe we are showing more appreciation for our service men these days.

As I watch our country today, I am somewhat dismayed at what is going on.

The problems are complex, and we do not seem to have the statesmen we have had in the past. Today we have a lot of politicians who are more concerned with their own agendas then they are with the good of our country.

Looking Ahead

Well, it's time to move forward as Spring is quickly passing and Summer is getting closer. With Summer and Spring also comes yard work, gardens, and all the backed up jobs that have accumulated over the winter. This year is no different. The problem this year has been the last four months we've had a lot of rain that slowed down our progress.

In addition, last fall just before leaving for Ecuador, we discovered we had a leak in our bedroom ceiling. I tried to patch it up a couple of times but decided to wait until Spring to fix it.

This was because I knew that fixing it would require rebuilding the exterior wall and installing a new 2x12x11 foot header over the picture window.

I didn't want to do this in the winter. So we put it off. Thanks to a helpful neighbor, your prayers, and a lot of money, the problem is finally fixed. This is our biggest praise for this month.

Our summer schedule is still not quite tied down, but we are sure that we are taking Sherilyn's nieces (3) and a nephew to family camp in Wisconsin June 8th to the 13th. This is one week Sherilyn and I truly look forward to each year.

Mission Trips Possible

Please continue to pray with us as we are still not sure when, or where, we will go back to the mission field again. We know of three probable trips on the horizon. One will be to Ecuador sometime this summer possibly, one to Puerto Rico this fall, and a third to Cayman Brac. Pray the Lord will lead us, provide for us, and that we will accomplish what He has for us.

As we get further details we'll try to keep you informed.

Web Site News

Sherilyn would like to invite you to our internet site slide shows, where you can see where we go, those we work with, and those we work for.

She has put one up for the Ecuador trip last fall, and for the trip we made to Puerto Rico in February of this year. She's also put up another for her college mission trip in the summer of 1978.

We hope they'll be a blessing to you and give you a better idea of what we do and why we do it.

Electrifying for Eternal Value,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

P.S. Editorial Note: The letter was written a couple of weeks ago, but it took this long to get it edited and sent.

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