October November 2010 Christian Mission News -
Ready, Set...

We're already well into the process of preparing for our next mission trip. We've already purchased our tickets. We are flying out of Fort Lauderdale on the 26th of October and we'll be in Puerto Rico until the 2nd of December.

This time frame will cause us to make some major changes in our normal fall schedule. Traditionally for close to forty years now we have had Thanksgiving dinner for at least twenty people, but that will not happen this year.

Why the change?

October November 2010 Christian Mission News -
God Answers Prayer

We are going to Puerto Rico because God has answered the prayers of his people. For the last two years we have been trying to get the permanent power into the church building we're working on in Mayaguez.

In case you've forgotten, the original plan for this job was to install an 800 Amp main distribution panel. To do this we would have had to install a very expensive transformer.

It would also have required a minimum monthly electric bill of $650 a month. This amount would be impossible for their inner city congregation to afford.

However, we were able to re-submit the power requirements for the building, and the power company has finally approved the revised plans.

Today I talked with Pastor Garcia and they are setting the concrete power pole. The plan is that by the time we get to Puerto Rico, they will have the outside work done.

Then we can mount the meter and disconnect switch, pipe in the feed to the main distribution panel, pull the wire, and terminate it.

If everything goes as planned, we can then remove the temporary power and turn on the permanent power.

October November 2010 Christian Mission News -
Not Finished Yet

We will not be able to complete the project this trip, since there are still several things to be done. Those that come to mind are:
  • Exit lights
  • Emergency lights
  • Bathroom ceiling installation to allow...
  • Permanent bathroom lighting to be installed,
  • Installation of outside lighting.

Some we will work on during this trip, Lord willing, but we won't have time to do all of them.

Additionally, there are some special projects that will be done later after the building is in operation. These will include

  • A sound system
  • A lighting control panel for the auditorium
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Classroom additions - These will involve building a few partitioning walls.

Most of these things will be fairly low cost items. We already have most of the light fixtures, and a lot of the electrical materials.

October November 2010 Christian Mission News -
The End is in Sight

The work is there and we will be trying hard to do all that time allows us to complete. There is one thing that I am sure of...

Everyone associated with this project is ready to finish it. Although it has been a real struggle, in the end I believe it will be well worth all the hard work and expense.

I am truly looking forward to this trip, and anticipating finally getting one of the major obstacles removed by getting the permanent electricity in the building.

We are also looking forward to staying with our good friends the Attos, and visiting Gospel Baptist Church with them. This is always a high point in our trip.

October November 2010 Christian Mission News -
Aguadilla Won't be Left Out

We are also planning to work a few days in Aguadilla at Pastor Steve Buchanan's church. We have some small things to do for him, mostly adding some new lights in his church kitchen and fellowship areas. We always enjoy spending time with Pastor Steve and his congregation. They are really fun to be with.

It's hard to know which is the best part of our mission trips. There is great satisfaction in seeing the work accomplished, but being with the people is a tremendous blessing we always look forward to as well.

The only drawback is the travel. We spend a lot of time just getting to and from the field, and it isn't cheap to do. In fact, we are blessed because the Lord has provided for us on every trip we have made.

The best proof we have that God wants us going on these trips is that He always leads, and provides the way for us. For this we are truly thankful.

October November 2010 Christian Mission News -
Conclusion and Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray the Lord will provide...
  • Needed finances, we never know ahead of time exactly all that we'll need.
  • Safety as we travel.
  • Safety for Dennis as He works off ladders and scaffolds.
  • That the outside work will be done so that the permanent power can be installed and hooked up while we're there. This is the plan, but past experience has taught us that plans rarely go without a hitch unless there is a lot of prayer support behind them.
  • That the Lord will enable us to be a blessing to the people there, and that we may honor and glorify Him in all we do.
  • Strength and health to accomplish the work.
  • wisdom to make the best decisions for the long term usefulness of the facilities.

Words can't express our deep appreciation for your continued prayers and financial support. You have an important part in our ministry. We trust the Lord will richly bless and reward you for the part you have in helping us go.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

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Central Baptist Church
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