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Tales of Thompsons' Trips Issue #28 June 2014 Send Us
June 12, 2014

Greetings once again from the Thompsons. Our hope is you are well and the Lord is blessing you and your loved ones. We’ve continued to see the Lord’s blessing through His clear leading as well.

We’ve been home for almost two weeks now, and I can’t believe the changes that we’ve seen since we arrived! The Lord has really been working, and it seems the changes have been unending.

Here We Are Lord
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Most of you probably realize that Sherilyn and I, for the last two years, have been seeking the Lord’s leading about whether He wanted us to go full time to the mission field.

As we started that process we talked with Gary Sprunger and Terry Jones who are BIMI's directors of the Caribbean and Central America respectively. We aren’t really good candidates for full time missionaries because of our age, and past health issues, but since we’re willing to go as self-supporting “retirees”, they did ask us to consider relocating to Antigua, or Nicaragua.

We made survey trips to both places as soon as we could do so, and after prayer and careful consideration, we believed the needs in Nicaragua were such that we should seriously consider serving there.

Since then we’ve been to Nicaragua twice. On our next trip, we met around 35 pastors and saw their buildings and assessed how we might be able to serve them by helping with their electrical installations. In all, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and even some of the ugly things about this country.

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To Get Residency

Toward the last part of February, if you’ve been following these letters, you’re already aware, we went to Nicaragua to apply for our resident Visas. These Visas will be good for five years. We arrived in Managua February 24th, and flew back home on May 15th, so we were lacking only nine days of being in the country a full three months. Although this is the longest short term trip we’ve ever made, it was the a very short amount of time to obtain residency.

We know of three other missionaries who’ve gone through the process before us. It took one couple nine months before their Visas were granted, and the other man spent fourteen months, and made multiple trips to the country before he finally managed to get his residency Visa.

When we flew back in May, we were still uncertain about whether or not these Visas would be granted, but we’ve since learned that they have been granted, and we’re praying we won’t have to return within the next few weeks to be physically present when they are presented. The completion in record time is in itself a miracle.

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Here or There?

Because discerning God’s will in this matter has been such a difficult process, just before we left in February we put some “fleeces” out to help us be certain how the Lord was leading as we sought His will. There were three in all:
  • That we’d be able to get our resident Visas during the time we were able to be in Nicaragua.
  • That we’d be able to sell our house within six months to a year’s time.
  • That we’d be able to sell the lot we have here in Indiana as well.

I’ve already mentioned that we were able to get the residency visas in the almost three months in Nicaragua.

Then, while we were in Florida on our trip home, we found out we had an offer on our house. The offer was ridiculously low for what we were asking, so we told our realtor we would not even make a counter offer. But about six hours later we got another call from our realtor, informing us that the same buyer had now offered to pay our full asking price!

To say we were shocked is a great understatement. So as of this writing, it appears we have our resident Visas, and our house has sold. It is possible we could actually be moved to Nicaragua by the middle of August.

However, to do this, several things must fall into place, yet with the way the Lord has been doing things recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

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We’re Counting on His Provision

We are still working on all we need to do for this move. It appears almost more than we are able to do, and the cost is more then I care to think about, but we know if it is the Lord’s will, He will provide the way.

We have signed a purchase agreement, but we’ve yet to be informed of a closing date on the house, so we don’t know for sure if that will truly happen, or not. But we do know it will happen if the Lord does want us in Nicaragua, as appears to be the case.

There are times in life that circumstances and situations don’t seem to make sense humanly.

I’ve been asked by loved ones why we would even consider making this move after having had lung cancer and a heart attack in the last three years, as well as being sixty-seven years old, at a time when a lot of missionaries are coming home from the field.

Why, they say, would we even think about such a move? I suppose the only way I can answer is that we believe it is God’s will. We live our lives by faith, and we believe the Lord is in control of our lives. If it were up to us, we would stay here. We have truly loved our home here on the lake. It is very comfortable. We are close to Sherilyn’s parents, and the fishing is very good.

But on the other hand, the needs in Nicaragua are great. So, we put out the “fleeces” and we believe God has directed us through His answers to those “fleeces”. Now we either follow His leading, or choose to ignore what He has shown us He wants us to do.

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Coming Challenges

The next two years of my life may well be the most difficult I will face, as we confront moving, cultural differences, and most difficult for me, learning a new language at my age. These will all present tremendous challenges.

Additionally it will truly be a financial challenge since we are self-supporting, and moving costs are very expensive. But as we move in God’s will, He will provide all our needs.

It has always been a real thrill to see how He meets our needs. He has done it time and time again, and always in ways we least expect it. If we never had needs, we’d never get the thrill of seeing Him meet those needs.

Please know, we really need and covet your prayers in the days ahead. Prayer support is the foundation of our ministry, and we truly need it above every other type of support.

Yet we know as you pray for us, God will move through those prayers to meet all of our other needs as well, so we truly need your prayers, as well as any other support the Lord lays on your hearts.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

P.S. Please note, our sending church's address has changed to the new Pastor's, since we don't actually get mail at the church.

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