Summer Disappeared... Fall is Here!

Greetings once again! After a long and busy summer we've finally set the dates for our next trip to the mission field. Once again we'll be going to Puerto Rico.

It feels like it's been a long time since we were in Puerto Rico this last February and March, and a lot has happened since that time. Sherilyn has mentioned to me more than once that we needed to put out a prayer letter, but for various reasons, I've put it off.

The summer was full of activities like holiday cook outs, cutting grass at three or more locations, family gatherings and visits, and helping out friends and neighbors with several different projects.

But none of those things stopped the evening fishing many, many nights from spring through fall. It's been a very good year to catch fish. I was even able to find several new fishing partners. I finally got Sherilyn to buy a fishing license, and about once a week we've gone together.

It has been quite an experience I must admit. We've gone from hooks in trees, bushes, and rocks, (not to mention husbands), to the point where she is now catching several fish. I think she is enjoying the new experience, but I really believe she is enjoying being on the lake and the time we have together more than the fishing. I must admit she has been pretty quick in learning how to catch fish.

But let me return to more important news...

Plans for Our Upcoming Mission Trip

We have purchased our plane tickets to Puerto Rico and will fly out of Fort Lauderdale on the 27th of October. Our return tickets are for the 19th of November, so we will be there this time about three and a half weeks, Lord willing.

We had planned to be there for a month, but with our schedules and those of the pastors we'll be working with there, this was how it worked out.

The main purpose of this trip will be to revise the electrical power supply to the building. We are hoping to be able to use smaller transformers and get the people into their new building.

Another team is also planning to frame in the walls of the nursery and the Pastor's office so that we can get those rooms wired.

In addition I hope to be able to take out a few more of the conduits from the temporary panels and relocate them to the permanent panels. There is always plenty to do.

Praises and Prayer Requests

  • Praise the Lord he provided electricians in Ecuador so that we didn't need to go back to wire the second story of the new church building there. They finished that floor in June or July, and are already using it.
  • Praise the Lord we were able to visit Scott, Janelle and Wesley over Labor Day. (Scott is Dennis' second son, Janelle is his wife, and Wesley is our youngest grandson). We had a wonderful visit with them.
  • Praise the Lord He has provided about half of the needed funds for this coming trip through contributions made in response to help Dennis has given a neighboring contractor.
  • Please pray with us that God will provide the needed funds for the rest of the trip's expenses. Dennis says that we usually use around $4,000 on one of these trips. Right now I believe the balance of our account is still under $2,000.

    The reason our expenses are so high is that we usually donate many of the supplies Dennis needs, for the people there so that it isn't a drain on their finances, and so that a lack of funds doesn't hinder his ability to work.

    But, if the funds aren't there, we won't be able to donate them, so pray with us that the Lord will have His will in this area.

  • Please pray with us that our health will be good this trip. Last trip Dennis was sick for about a week at the beginning of the trip, and I was sick for a week, and he had another few days of sickness at the end of the trip.

    This time we are hoping to visit North and South Carolina on the way down. I have a sister who lives in Greenville, and many close friends in the area from school days. We also have close family friends in North Carolina that we're planning to see for a day or so.

    We had hoped make this trip on the way home in the spring, but sickness forced us to cancel those plans. Please pray that the Lord will grant us good health before, during, and after this trip, since our schedule will be unusually hectic.

  • Pray that the Lord will give us safety as we travel and that the van won't have any mechanical problems. We will be on a tight schedule, and any problems could really throw a monkey wrench in the works.
  • Finally pray with us about other possible avenues of service. We had hoped to go to Caymen Brac this summer to help with rebuilding what a hurricane destroyed last year, but we've heard nothing further about that, so those plans are on hold.

    Please pray with us that the Lord will open opportunities for us to serve Him wherever we could be of help and blessing, and that He will provide the needed finances and direction as we make future plans.

    Final Thoughts

    In closing, we want to thank you again for your interest in our ministry, your prayer support, and the financial support you've sent as the Lord has directed you.

    We thank the Lord for you.

    Please pray with us that the Lord will enable us to adjust to this new method of communication and find a way to let you know each month how the Lord is working and leading in our lives.

    Electrifying for Eternal Value,

    Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

    Sending Church:
    Central Baptist Church
    2422 N. Thompson Drive
    Sullivan, IN 47882

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