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Tales of Thompsons' Trips Issue #23 Spring 2013
March 20, 2013

I just checked our files and it was actually last fall we sent our most recent e-zine edition. I trust we'll be able to be more regular in sending them out in the future, but when you understand our lives for the past few months, you'll understand why we haven't been able to write.

I trust most of you have heard from us since then in our yearly Christmas missive that we still send by snail mail. With all the bustle of the Christmas season, we certainly don't have time to send that letter both ways, but I think most of you are on both lists anyway, so I'd imagine that isn't a problem.

If you want the details of our trip to Nicaragua, please check the website for that, where you can explore Nicaraguan Attractions at your leisure.

Spring 2013

Before Spring 2013 even arrived we had quite a few health challenges to deal with this year. On the trip home from Nicaragua Dennis suffered a "silent" heart attack, and within two days of arriving home we spent a night in the emergency room because he was once again having Angina, and pressure in his chest.

This necessitated the usual rounds of doctors visits and testing culminating in a heart catheretization around the end of January.

The Lord blessed, and Dennis did not have to have either angioplasty or stents placed. The doctor found a smaller artery to the back of his heart was completely blocked, but his body was growing its own bypasses, and the two arteries to the front of the heart were only 40% to 50% blocked. The doctor felt they could be handled with medication.

About two weeks later toward the first of February, we went to help my brother in law, Phil, who is a Pastor in Ohio, get a "new" (to them) house the Lord provided, ready to move into.

The house is actually about a hundred years old, and the wiring really needed some major revamping. We were there two and a half weeks, and Dennis will still need to finish a couple of projects when we go back for another week the first part of April.

This took the place of our spring mission trip to a foreign field, but believe me Dennis still did some difficult, and dirty work, that we trust will help their family continue to serve the Lord for years to come.

Spring 2013
Addressing Health Issues

Since we aren't planning to go anywhere out of the country this spring, we are taking a life-style intervention class called CHIP (Coronary Health Intervention Program) to help Dennis deal with the heart issues he has developed since losing half of his lung to cancer.

The class runs for two months, March and April, and teaches a comprehensive change in eating habits, exercise, and stress management. It has been demonstrated to help reverse atherosclerosis, so we decided it would be a wise investment in our health so we can continue to serve the Lord.

Spring 2013
Future Service Plans

We're still planning another trip over to Ohio the first part of April as I mentioned earlier, so please pray Dennis will be able to accomplish the other electrical projects my sister and Phil would like to have finished before they move into the new house.

Additionally, shortly after we finish the CHIP classes, we're planning to make another trip to southern Tennessee or northern Georgia to help a retiring missionary there do some long overdue renovations on his double wide trailer.

I understand it needs a new roof, and some rotted floors (caused by the leaking roof) replaced. The people from Shepherds Bethel Missionary Homes have asked us to go and help with this project, so Lord willing we are planning to join them.

Finally, we will finish off the spring with a trip to Puerto Rico the first part of June. We are going late this year because we plan to take one niece and two grandchildren with us, and they couldn't go until they get out of school.

We are very excited about this, as are they. Two of them will be graduating this year, and the third will graduate next year, so this is sort of our graduation present for them.

Please pray that not only will we all have a good time, but that the Lord will use the trip to burden their hearts with the needs of the mission field.

Spring 2013
Nicaragua isn't Forgotten

We haven't forgotten Nicaragua, but our schedule simply won't allow us to return there until early next fall.

At this time we're hoping to leave sometime in September, and spend the month of October in Nicaragua. Please pray the Lord will work out the details so we can get these things done, and that He'll direct us as we finalize our plans for this trip. At the current time all we've actually done to prepare for this trip is to set tentative dates for it.

Also, it is our understanding that Bob Dayton, the missionary we met during our last trip has had problems with infection following his knee replacement surgery in early December 2012, so please pray the Lord will touch his knee and heal it, in his will so he can get back to Nicaragua, if possible. I know he needed to have both knees done, but I'm sure they won't do the second one until they've dealt with the infection in the first.

Spring 2013
Looking Ahead

This summer promises to be equally busy. We're planning to take the nieces and nephew to family camp in July, and we're hoping to have at least one large picnic where we can see the people we usually see at our July 4th gathering. We won't be able to have it on the 4th this year since we'll be at family camp that week.

Of course if we did nothing but fish and garden during the summer, we'd have plenty to keep us busy, that is, if we're not in drought as we were last summer.

And around the edges of all these activities we continue to work in the church here, and do our best to be faithful and help it grow. We'd appreciate your prayers for this church as well; particularly that the Lord will send faithful families to form a solid core group here.

One couple that has been part of our core will be moving within the next two months, and we really needed everyone we had, so this is a tremendous need.

It is wonderful to know we serve a prayer answering, miracle working God, but He tells us "we have not because we ask not". So please pray with us and ask him to meet these needs.

Thank you for your continued prayers, and interest in our lives and ministries.

Electrifying for Eternity,

Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

Sending Church:
Central Baptist Church
2422 N. Thompson Drive
Sullivan, IN 47882

They accept tax deductible contributions for us.

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