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Tales of Thompsons' Trips Issue #22 Summer Ministries, and Fall Trips
October 24, 2012

Summer Ministries

Our summer ministries were a blur this year. It seems like only a few weeks ago that we returned from our spring mission trip to Puerto Rico for the dedication of the building in Mayaguez, and to Antigua for a survey trip.

But in actual fact, according to the calendar I just checked, it has been about seven to eight months, instead. Additionally, according to my records, it has been over eight months since we last sent out a prayer letter. Please forgive us!

The summer has been full of "normal" activities. But perhaps it would help if you understood what our normal activities are...

For Dennis, he...

  • teaches the adult Sunday School class at church
  • serves as the only deacon
  • serves as the only trustee
  • generally takes care of any electrical work that needs to be done
  • took over the treasurer work again, around the beginning of the summer
  • helps my parents and both neighbors with any electrical work they need, as well as maintenance and upkeep, whenever needed.

I have,

  • previously taught the primary Sunday School Class, but currently I am...
  • teaching the teen girls class
  • teaching Junior Church once a month
  • trying to visit children and young people I'm working with, on a weekly basis
  • playing the organ regularly on Sunday mornings
  • serving as back-up pianist when the regular pianist isn't there
  • providing fresh flowers whenever possible
  • maintaining and developing three websites around the edges.

Our church could accurately be described as a home mission work. We only have about four backbone couples, and two of them are the pastor and assistant pastors.

Dennis and I are the youngest members of that core, and since he is retirement age, and I'm getting there, you can understand we greatly need some committed, spiritually mature younger believers, who want to serve the Lord with us.

However, as of this writing, that hasn't been God's plan. We have had many people make salvation decisions, but few, if any, as of this writing, who have committed to serving the Lord.

Please pray our new believers will grow, and the Lord will send in more mature believers who will join our core. Because if the Lord should call us to go to a mission field full time, it would be a real blow to the work here, unless He sends people to replace us. Yet, we know He is able, and are trusting He will provide, since it is His work not ours.

In addition to church work, we went to a reception for my nephew Andy, who was married in June, in Oregon. We had hoped to attend the wedding, but finances, and Dennis' health combined to convince us this wasn't the Lord's will.

But we were able to attend his reception in Gallipolis, Ohio, and from there travel with friends to Pennsylvania for a couple of days.

We were also able to get two of the grandkids for a week's visit early in the summer. Believe me, that was one of the summer's highlights for us. However, it did necessitate two trips to Iowa to pick them up, and take them back home, so it did help to put miles on the car.

Additionally, while they were here we took them to the Creation Museum outside of Cincinnati, so that was another long day.

At the beginning of August we took our nieces and nephew up to Camp CoBeAc, in northern Michigan for a week. We usually go to family camp in June, but the wedding necessitated a change of dates, since their oldest brother was the groom. We had a very good time, even though it did rain for the last half of the week.

I'm sure I've forgotten half of our summer ministries, since we're already half way through the fall, but I do remember we didn't seem to have much time for rest and relaxation.

I know that I spent far more time watering plants this summer (due to the drought) then I ever have before in my life, but in spite of that fact, the harvest hasn't been anything to brag about...

Although we have gotten some gigantic potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Well, enough of summer ministries, and on to plans for our upcoming fall mission trip...

Summer Ministries,
Fall Mini-Trip

But before I go there, let me tell you about our short term trip to Shepherd's Bethel Missionary Homes.

This ministry has several homes in New Baden, Indiana that they provide to missionaries cost free. The only thing they pay for is their utilities while living there. The homes are available for fundamental missionaries while they are on deputation, or furlough.

We went over for two week-ends in the early fall so Dennis could help in wiring a new missionary house they're building. While there, he also worked on some electrical problems they were having in the large building that houses their kitchen, library, dining hall, offices, and pantry.

I had heard of their ministry for years, but this was the first time I was able to see it in person. They have lovely facilities for missionaries, and I can only imagine the help it is to those who are able to locate there during the years they're traveling in deputation, or on furlough.

It was a blessing to be able to see it and help them.

Summer Ministries Over,
Fall Mission Trip Approaching

We are now, less than a month away from our departure for Nicaragua. We plan to leave on the 8th of November for Florida, arriving about noon on the 9th. We will spend the week-end with our friends the Attos.

That will allow us to attend Gospel Baptist Church in Bonita Springs with them that week-end, and possibly go soul winning, if it is the right time. (The church there goes Saturday morning, twice a month, but of course, I don't remember which week-end is which.)

On Wednesday, the 14th, we'll drive over to Miami, and spend the night in a hotel there before catching a flight to Nicaragua around noon on Thursday, the 15th. Our plan is to be there for 12 days, and to return to Miami on the 27th.

After resting over the week-end, we plan to leave for Indiana on December 3rd, arriving home sometime early afternoon on the 4th.

We can't give you much detail about Nicaragua because we don't know much about it ourselves. We only know that the people are hungry for the Word of God, and there are close to 200 churches needing to build new facilities in the near future. So there would be plenty of work for Dennis to do using his electrical talents.

Of course, once we've made the trip, we'll try to be back in touch with more details about it.

Summer Ministries Over,
Harvest Ending

As we look at the world around us, and particularly at our country, we have to wonder how long we have until the Lord's return. Although there is no way to know the answer to that question, we do know the Lord wants us to faithfully serve Him until He calls us home.

Please pray with us for:

  • the Lord's direction in our lives
  • continued health for both Dennis and I, (Several recent trips one, or both of us, have been very sick either right before the trip, or for a week or two right after it.)
  • the Holy Spirit's anointing for strength and power to serve Him effectively.

    Electrifying for Eternity,

    Dennis & Sherilyn (Nutting) Thompson

    P.S. If you're still wondering about our spring trip for the building dedication, and survey trip to Antigua, I'm sorry we didn't write an earlier prayer letter, but the link to the page we wrote about it, which includes the slide show follows.

    The name is: Closure and Exploration

    Sending Church:
    Central Baptist Church
    2422 N. Thompson Drive
    Sullivan, IN 47882

    They accept tax deductible contributions for us.

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