Their Missionary Jobs
Finish the Job!

Dennis & James have a lot to get done this trip.

Their missionary jobs refer specifically to what Dennis and James are planning to accomplish during the next six weeks to finish the electrical work here, at New Life Baptist Church's new building in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

Since the pastor has started final plans for the dedication of the facilities, in early February of next year, it is essential that Dennis and James get the needed jobs completed during our current short term trip.

Had we been able to make the late spring trip we planned for May this year, many of these jobs would already be done. However, God over ruled our plans at that time, so the men are more pressed for time now.

I won't bore you by rehashing the details of these past few months in our lives, but if you're interested, yet not informed, you can get them by visiting Postponed mission trip.

Their Missionary Jobs
Only the Most Urgent

We arrived in Mayagüez last Thursday, September 29th, after leaving home early the morning of the 26th.

We drove to Florida, arriving Tuesday afternoon, and visited with a cousin of Dennis, and her husband, for a day. Early Thursday morning we drove to the Orlando airport. They went with us, and will keep our van at their house until we return November 8th. We certainly enjoyed the visit and appreciate their help.

Since arriving last Thursday, Dennis has been trying to plan the jobs that need to be finished for the church here to be able to begin using their new building.

Unfortunately, he discovered many of the materials he had purchased last fall for this trip, had disappeared in the intervening months. No one knows whether another team used them elsewhere, or whether they were stolen, but they are no longer here.

Additionally, about a third of the lights he installed on the last trip are no longer working, and at least one of the exit lights he installed last fall needs to be moved, due to the addition of a new door, at the top of the stairs on the third floor.

Needless to say, these setbacks were frustrating and discouraging. However, this type of experience isn't unusual when trying to accomplish long term projects, with short term mission trips, as we have been doing here in Puerto Rico for the past few years.

As usual, the Pastor has had several different ideas of things he'd like to change, and additional jobs he'd like accomplished. But Dennis has had to remind him that this trip is all about accomplishing the jobs that must be done so the building can pass the necessary government inspections, and the church can begin using their new facilities.

So, what exactly are...

Their Missionary Jobs
To Procure Usage Permissions?

  1. Install a fire alarm system throughout the building.
  2. Finish installing an air conditioner in the nursery.
  3. Install exhaust fans in the bathrooms.
  4. Move the exit light that has been obscured by the addition of a door on third floor.
  5. Install additional lighting on the first floor, between the main entrance to the building, and the newly installed elevator.
  6. Re-feed, and reconnect, the lights that have been cut off by the elevator installation.
  7. Change all the electrical panels in the building from temporary single phase power feeds, to the permanent three phase power connections they were installed to run on.

Although it may not look all that difficult, when you read a list on a page like this, there is a lot involved.

The installation of the fire alarm system alone, will require putting in extra pipe, pulling new wire, and mounting 32 separate fire alarms.

Each alarm must be mounted in specific ways so it will be powered by electrical, as well as battery power. Additionally, there can only be so many alarms connected to each different wire run.

I'm no electrician. If I were, I could give you a lot more details, but I do know there is a tremendous mountain of work facing these men in the next six weeks.

It all needs to get done, but both men are a long ways from top working form. Dennis is still easily winded, and James is having major difficulties with his legs.

Their Missionary Jobs
You Can Help!

Although you may be surprised to hear me say this, it is true. If you will commit to pray regularly and specifically for these men over these next few weeks, you can participate with them in accomplishing these jobs.

Satan doesn't want this building completed. He doesn't want the city of Mayagüez to be impacted by the ministries of this church. He is doing, and will do, everything he can to stop their missionary jobs from getting done.


Greater is He that is in us, than He that is in the world!

Please pray with us the the Lord will enable them to accomplish their missionary jobs during the time we're here for His glory, and the furtherance of his work here in Puerto Rico

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