Waiting on God
Easier Said than Done

Waiting on God is the best way to face life's uncertainties. This past week has been a great opportunity for us to practice this principle since we had to wait until Friday for Dennis to see the pulmonary specialist. By God's grace we were both able to leave the appointment with the Lord, and continue fairly normally until Friday arrived.

When Friday arrived, we were thankful to be well practiced because still more waiting is in store for us. We arrived at nine in the morning for the scheduled appointment. The doctor was very thorough in his approach. He started by showing us the CAT scan and explaining it to us.

The mass/lesion is definitely a mass, in Dennis's right lung. It is just below where the trachea divides to go to the lungs, and seems to occupy close to half of the space in his upper right lung. The specialist couldn't tell from the tests already done, what exactly is causing the mass, but he does have a plan to find out.

While we were there that day, they did an echo-cardiogram, a breathing test, and scheduled a test for that evening to see if he has sleep apnea. They also scheduled a bronchoscopy for this coming Wednesday. The doctor says there is an eighty per cent chance that this test will enable him to diagnose what has caused the mass.

If the mass were on the outside of the lung, he would have done a needle biopsy, but due to its location in the lung, the bronchoscopy is more likely to diagnose the cause of the problem.

Should the bronchoscopy fail to diagnose the problems, the doctor said he would order a PET scan along with a CAT scan, to further pinpoint what may be causing the mass.

So we definitely will be waiting until at least Wednesday to learn anything definitive about what is going on, and possibly longer.

Our next appointment with the pulmonary specialist is scheduled for May 26th, the day we had originally planned to be returning from Puerto Rico. At that point we are hoping, we'll at least know what we'll be dealing with.

The doctor did tell us that the results of his breathing test were normal. We aren't sure when we'll get the results of the other tests that have been done, but Wednesday would probably be the earliest, and I suspect we probably won't know until the 26th.

If you've been praying for us, we certainly do appreciate it! Waiting on God is easy when you focus on Him. But, unfortunately, at times it is far easier to focus on the circumstances.

Waiting on God
My Mother's Day Remedial Lesson

I freely confess when it comes to spiritual things, I tend to be a slow learner. So apparently I needed a remedial lesson this past Mother's Day.

About half way through getting ready for church Sunday morning, I discovered my billfold was missing from my purse. To make matters worse, not only was it missing, but after a few minutes of thinking, I realized the last time I remembered having the billfold was when I put my wedding ring and matching earrings in the change purse, so I could sleep, late Friday night.

That was the night Dennis had the sleep apnea test done, so I was sleeping in a recliner, in something similar to a hotel room, in a sleep disorder's clinic in Terre Haute.

He had about thirty electrodes taped all over his body and something similar to an oxygen mask in his nose and mouth. He was sleeping in a double bed, and I suppose I could have slept with him, but I was afraid I might knock off some of the wires, and I doubt either of us would have been able to sleep that way.

Anyway, I didn't get much rest that night, so I'd been very tired all day Saturday, but I'd done the wash, prepared my Sunday School lesson, and worked at spreading mulch around the plants most of the afternoon, so I just hadn't realized the billfold was missing.

I tried calling the sleep center, but no one was working on Mother's Day. We figured it must have accidentally fallen out and gotten left under the recliner...

It was a very long day. I felt responsible for not having taken better care of the billfold, and was doubly upset because the jewelry was in it.

I knew I needed to wait on the Lord, and trust Him to take care of the billfold, but believe me, that wasn't easy to do...

I was dreading the difficulties that would be caused by replacing my license, credit cards, and all the other personal data I had in the billfold. And, of course, I was upset about the jewelry. Every time it came to mind I prayed, asked the Lord to help us find it, and tried to put it out of my mind again.

If I were grading how well I did, I'm afraid I couldn't give myself better than a C. But I was able to play for the services all day, teach my Sunday School class, and fulfill all of my responsibilities. However, I must confess, I had real difficulty leaving the whole matter with the Lord and not worrying about it.

I was able to fall asleep last night, but I woke up early this morning thinking about it and couldn't get back to sleep for hours. I was thankful for the Lord, and the husband He has given me to comfort me.

Early this morning Dennis decided he should call the restaurant where we'd gone for breakfast after leaving the sleep center. The waitress said she thought a wallet had been turned in, but the manager wasn't there yet, and she'd have him call us. We waited until after we'd had breakfast about nine, and then I called them back. Sure enough, the wallet was mine!

I still have no idea how I managed to leave it in the restaurant, but I do know that the Lord protected it for me, and I am very grateful to the restaurant employee, who picked it up and put it in the safe for me. Nothing was missing!

The day of waiting wasn't easy, but I have been thanking and praising the Lord every time it comes to mind today. I hope I've learned another lesson about why I should wait on the Lord and pray, instead of worrying, even if I've done something irresponsible. I am so thankful the Lord can take care of me, even when I don't seem to be able to take care of myself.

I'm reminded of the verse that says, "The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms."

I'm very thankful for His arms underneath us, as we continue to learn these lessons about waiting on God.

Waiting on God
Solution for Impatience

I've always tended to be impatient, but I've realized that waiting on God provides the remedy for my impatience.

When I remember He is in control, His way is perfect, and He has promised to sustain me, when I cast my burden on Him, then I understand how to rejoice in the Lord always, and to access His grace in every situation. When I keep my mind on Him, and let Him bear my burden, instead of carrying it myself, waiting on God becomes easy.

When I focus on the problems, I find myself sinking just like Peter did when he took his eyes off the Lord while walking on the water. Then suddenly, waiting on God seems impossible! But, as soon as I call to Him for help, He rescues me, just as He did Peter.

I'd love to share the results of our waiting on God about Dennis's health challenge, as I was able to do about the lost billfold, but we haven't finished that lesson yet, so the results are still pending. I do intend to update you as we find out what the Lord has in store for us.

In the mean time, we appreciate your continued prayers. Only eternity will reveal the help, strength, and comfort your prayers provide for us in this time of testing. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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